The Coach in a Nutshell

Kerstin Jatho’s enthusiastic charm would never be able to fit into a nutshell. She is very much a people’s person and this naturally extends to her work. Her optimism is unmatched by any hurdle she has encountered and her gentle nature makes her the ideal travel companion on the exciting journey to personal and/or professional success. She has the uncanny ability to be assertive in the gentlest of ways, making for a truly unique and fulfilling coaching experience.

Kerstin’s passion is in empowering 21st century leaders by giving them robust tools and techniques that will enable them to lead their teams and themselves to achieve their ultimate potential while being happy at work. The world is yearning for leaders to follow and inspire positive change.


  • Kerstin has completed an internationally recognised Coaching Diploma with the Life Coaching Institute in the United Kingdom (2010).
  • In 2012 Kerstin completed a coach training program from the USA which purely focuses on the eleven core coaching competencies stipulated by the ICF (International Coach Federation). In November 2012 the ICF awarded Kerstin with the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) qualification, this means Kerstin is a professional coach who upholds stringent coaching ethics and codes.
  • She is a Licensed Practitioner in the Science of Happiness at Work™ and its associated techniques, awarded by the iOpener Institute for People and Performance of Oxford, United Kingdom. Kerstin is part of a select Master Group who were responsible for implementing and actively endorsing the Science of Happiness @ Work in South Africa.
  • Kerstin is an active member of the ICF and the ICF Gauteng Chapter which are all networks for independent and qualified coaches.
  • Kerstin is by nature an avid student, and continuously strives to grow and develop her skills and knowledge in the coaching arena. One of her current professional aspirations is to obtain a PhD Degree in Leadership and Organisational Psychology.

Her dedicated will to give back to the community is clearly evident in the free coaching and mentoring workshops she offers to communities and individuals in need.


Kerstin Jatho


Kerstin has a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology as well as a B. Com Degree in Economics and Accounting. She worked in the financial services sector as an Executive Director for 18 years, and as such, is fully understanding of the challenges that members of middle and executive management are confronted with in their professional, as well as personal lives; the intricate complexity of integrating work and family into a united, harmonious and fulfilling whole of life can be a very challenging balance to obtain and maintain.

Leaders become great, not because of their power,
but because of their ability to empower others.

John Maxwell