At 4Seeds we believe that we all have the power to choose everything we do. No matter what goes on around us, we have the power to choose how to react. If we do not claim this right, someone else will choose for us. Then we end up just accepting the things that happen to us and lose out on what we want from our lives. It should not be this way.


At 4Seeds we are about the power of the individual. All human endeavours start with a personal belief. A skilled coach can unlock this potential and support a person to achieve their goals. We work with individuals and teams to identify their strengths, virtues, values and goals.

This helps them recognise opportunities and then make positive choices and steps towards these goals.


Every coach has a way of working or a coaching model to help clients succeed. At 4Seeds we apply a multi-faceted approach uniquely tailored to the individual, the team or the company. When working with teams, we pride ourselves on our diverse methods and help each member of your team to dig deep within themselves. It is here that they will discover their values, behaviours and areas where they are stuck.

Once this discovery has been made we help create clarity:

  • of purpose,
  • of thought, and
  • of action.

When every team member embraces their personal power the team can start to win and stay at the top of its game.

A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way,
and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell