Resilience through growth and change

Resilience is an essential component to our overall wellbeing. Not to mention that it is a fundamental strength to have when engaging with dynamic change situations. We might think it is an inborn trait and that everybody has it, but that is a false assumption. Resilience...

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What we know and what we don’t know about engagement

The engagement concept has become a workplace buzzword over the past seven years. Every organisation wants the best part of their workforce to be fully or semi engaged, and less disengaged. However, many attempts have failed to create this shift, and our engagement levels remain...

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woman on top of the mountain looking to the sun

The Power of Yet

If you’re thinking of embarking on a great adventure, there is no doubt that you’ve already begun to prepare yourself. In this article, we will introduce the idea of the growth mindset and some simple practical tools that could help you reach the highest peak...

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