Happiness in the workplace


Light and Fun Team Building Activities

October is an unusual month in the workspace. We’re fast approaching the end of the year, and it’s amazing to think that we may have as few as 75 working days or 10 weeks left before 2017 work projects need to be completed. We ferociously...

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why money cant buy happiness

Why money doesn’t buy us happiness

Money is a resource that we all need to have to live and survive on earth. It’s the commodity that allows us to satisfy our needs; well certainly our basic needs anyway. Our “wants” might be occasionally or partially fulfilled. Our needs and wants continue...

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misery at work

Cause of misery at work #1 Co-workers

As personal coaching consultants, we know that people work to earn a living, to support their families, to grow and develop, and to fulfill their passions. Work is what adults do in the world and there is little room to avoid working as a grown...

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leadership sandwich

The Leadership Sandwich

Leading others is an honour and a privilege, but something that comes with personal and professional responsibility. The more junior staff in most companies look up to their leaders (or so it should be), and feel inspired and motivated to grow into that leadership role...

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Fun at work

Play and work

The words “work” and “play” are generally seen as a dichotomous process. We work to perform, achieve a desired outcome, develop, grow and succeed, and we play to have fun, relax, enjoy life and pursue our hobbies. Work happens from Monday to Friday and play...

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Good day bad day(7 ways to influence our wellbeing)

7 ways our work influences our well-being

Have you ever noticed how your work day influences your moods, emotions and actions? Some days you come home invigorated either by a new project, positive feedback from our boss or a good chat with a colleague. Other days you may be frazzled; nothing seems...

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emotional intelligence to have to have not

Emotional Intelligence to have or not to have

Emotional Intelligence (EI) was a hot topic in the 1990s when Dr. Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence made leaders aware of its crucial importance in successfully managing teams. Since then, many researchers have written about the topic which...

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