Having the service of an executive coach in your life can make the world of difference to your professional career and personal self-growth. We know that it gets lonely at the top and that people expect you to have all the answers and solutions to business challenges. This impacts on your enormous leadership responsibility. You need an independent neutral coaching partner to question your thinking, to sound board ideas and to discover alternative solutions. We know that people have the ability to thrive by changing their professional and/or personal lives for the better. It may take effort, resilience and persistence, nevertheless it is possible. At 4Seeds we offer one-on-one coaching conducted either face-to-face or on Skype to support you to achieve your set objectives.

Personal Coaching

What is executive coaching?

This is a commonly asked question because people often associate coaching with the sporting realm or slot it into the therapy domain. Executive coaching is an equal partnership between an executive and a coach who jointly discover solutions and answers to daunting work-related challenges. Executive coaching is a futuristic goal-driven process focusing on achieving company objectives. In combination with developing competencies and personal mastery, coaching enhances one’s leadership performance. Acquiring self-awareness fosters the opportunity to build new skills and competencies that enable you to grow in your personal and professional role.

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaching is for leaders in senior- to middle management roles who are responsible for designing and transforming company strategies into practical deliverables. It is also for leaders who collaborate with others and who need to inspire, motivate and drive peak performance in their teams.

The value of coaching by Google CEO Eric Schmidt



Here are six fundamental results that you will get out of coaching:

  • establishing clarity and focus on what you really want to achieve and accomplish
  • setting the intention to jointly explore, discover and grow new aspects of yourself
  • experimenting with new and fresh perspectives and approaches
  • increasing your willingness to raise your current levels of performance
  • setting new goals and holding you accountable
  • reinvent yourself to a new level of professional and personal success

In a nutshell coaching results in sustainable success and subjective well-being* in both your personal and professional realms. This begins when a person consistently repeats desired behaviour that does not conflict with their values and belief systems.

* Subjective well-being is a 21st century word for being fulfilled, balanced and happy in all areas of life.

Professional Coaching in Johannesburg

If you are looking for the assistance of highly dedicated coaches in your area, then you need look no further than 4Seeds. We have a team of highly dedicated executive coaches who are willing to help out wherever we can. From individual coaching, to team coaching and development , you can be assured that we are willing to help as you embark on the journey of strengthening your leadership competencies and flourish in your career.

Executive coaching can make the world of difference not only to you, but to those around you, because it will help you to strengthen relationships and social skills. It is a great investment to make for yourself and you will notice the difference that it makes to help you thrive and achieve your own professional and personal goals. Contact 4Seeds to see how you can begin your executive coaching experience today.

I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions.
I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.

Oscar Wilde