Team development can be achieved by introducing work interventions within your office. Now while this may sound ominous at first because interventions are generally associated with negative habits which people confront an individual with, this should not be the case at all. Rather, a work intervention should be viewed as an exciting team building opportunity and experience which will strengthen the bonds within your employees as a whole, producing a more effective and united work front. Stated in another way, positive team behaviour, attitude and relationships are just as important too exceptional performance, productivity and happiness than are skills, competencies and knowledge.

Work Interventions

How our Happiness@Work Workshops take place

The Happiness@Work (H@W) workshop brings human capital into focus in companies. H@W makes it possible for companies to improve bottom-line growth as well as expand competitive edge in their respective industry – an ideal win-win situation for the company and the team.
H@W is for companies that sincerely walk the talk of honouring their scarce and precious resources which is their people.
Through various practical (and scientifically tested) methods such as our confidential online H@W assessments, we can measure the level of happiness amongst your team. These results allow us to identify things affecting their happiness and impacting on their performance. We then develop interventions to boost work fulfilment, job satisfaction, team collaboration, and maximise the potential of both the individuals and the teams.

What is Happiness @ Work?

Happiness@Work is a proven concept which supports companies in driving their strategic goals and growth plans with productive, motivated and performing people. This level is automatically reached when a company has happy employees. Happiness is so much more than its name depicts and is everything but fluffy and fuzzy. Being happy at work transforms into being engaged, committed, motivated, supporting team members, going the extra mile and reaching the teams’ and ones own goals. Happy employees demonstrate positive work relationships, emotional mastery, work with their strengths, use optimistic thinking and have learner mind-sets (to name a few).

The benefits of Happiness@Work

H@W instils a common language within a company and a concept that everybody can easily relate to. In the long-term, H@W builds strong, flourishing teams as well as positive companies that uplift society. The value of implementing H@W in your team and company are abundant.


  • Finding that they are doing something worthwhile and connected to work.
  • Being valued, appreciated and acknowledged.
  • Utilising natural strengths and talents.
  • Volunteer to share knowledge and skills.
  • Open to receiving feedback and learning.
  • Get promoted faster.
  • Enhanced flourishing and overall well-being.
  • Achieving ones potential through being resilient.


  • Maintain high team energy and performance.
  • Sharing of knowledge and skills.
  • Increase time spent on task.
  • Successful execution of team strategy and goals.
  • Reduce the cost of team disturbance through absenteeism and disengagement.
  • Upgrade quality of work and time delivery.
  • Identify talent and potential leaders.
  • Develop solution thinking and taking accountability.


  • Sustain workforce talent and skilled employees.
  • Increase company’s bottom line.
  • Expand competitive edge and market share.
  • Increase stakeholders’ worth.
  • Improve frequency of creative and innovative ideas.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Adaptive to continuous company change.
  • Improve work engagement, commitment and satisfaction.

In summary, H@W benefits the company, the team and the individual; a unique three-tier value.

4Seeds understands the complexity of people and business. We can step in and help you to nurture and grow your team spirit and efficiency. Work interventions needn’t be a daunting task. Realise their potential now and start growing your company’s morals today.

If you are passionate about your team and believe in their potential, then we would be privileged to be of service to you.

How Happy are you @ Work?