Happiness @ Work (H@W) is for companies that walk the talk of honouring their scarce and precious resources, namely their people. Bringing human capital to the centre focus in companies, H@W makes it possible for a company to improve bottom-line growth and enhance competitive edge in their respective industry. This is an ideal win-win situation for company, team and individual!

H@W is not a “nice to have” but rather a fundamental “must have” business principle that can be measured and managed.

What is Happiness @Work?

H@W is a proven concept that supports companies in driving their strategic goals and growth plans with productive, performing and motivating people. It is about instilling a mind-set which enables people to maximise performance and achieve their optimal potential.

The benefits of H@W

H@W instills a common language within a company and a concept that team members can easily relate to. In the long-term, this optimises time and builds positive connections among people, which fosters heightened productivity and performance.

The key benefits are summarised



  • Enhance competitive edge
  • Increase all stakeholders’ worth
  • Growth in market value
  • Rise in bottom line
  • Sustainability of workforce
  • Develop an abundant mind-set
  • Retain skilled and talented employees
  • Powerful brand ambassadors


  • Maintain high team energy and performance
  • Natural knock-on effect of customer satisfaction
  • Competent, committed, innovative and engaged team
  • Successful execution of strategy
  • Reduction in team disturbance
  • United, dynamic team
  • Improve support and team morale
  • Open to learn and receive feedback
  • Heightened level of resilience


  • Find meaning and purpose of work
  • Being valued, appreciated and acknowledged
  • Utilisation of natural talents and strengths
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Flourishing well-being
  • Being helpful and assist others
  • Get promoted faster
  • More creative and find frequent solutions

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, then H@W is for your company and team:

  • How do we create capacity without recruiting?
  • How do we keep our best people?
  • How do we drive change?
  • How do we maintain high performance?
  • How do we ensure sustainable motivation?
  • How do we get our people to be more innovative?
  • How can our people help us grow?
  • How do we support our leaders to the next level?
  • How do we help people cope with the pressure?
  • How do we understand and change our culture?

How does H@W differ from other interventions?

At 4Seeds we understand the complexity of people and business.

We offer a bespoke personal service with a professional and caring team. We are serious about people and apply proven concepts that assess, analyse and shift behaviour. We look to build lasting change in people to ensure that your people are your most rewarding asset. We offer a unique way of quantifying performance by using the company’s own internal data.

We give leaders a simple, practical and scientifically tested tool, and the ability to focus on what works while at the same time improving what doesn’t. We ensure buy-in and roll-out at all levels and can apply our work to any size of division or team.

We will demonstrate a return on our investment during and after the intervention.

We help individuals, teams and companies improve their happiness and their performance at work.

If your company or team is looking to perform well, and be happy at the same time, then contact us for a free one-hour consultation. Contact us on info@4seeds.co.za or at +27 11 593 2356.

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