Most leaders are driven, highly skilled and qualified individuals who are keen to get results. However, in order to motivate and inspire people, “softer” skills are needed – these are equally as important to achieve phenomenal results.

The responsibility to lead with integrity is a vital component of leadership. Leaders are appointed to create positive change, to find novel solutions and to inspire their teams to perform. The 21st century leader needs to embrace many additional aspects such as the environment, the team’s well-being, engagement, socio-economic matters, government regulations and ethical values.

Too often leaders are promoted into a leadership role without the fundamental leadership skills or having received support from a mentor. Learning occurs by doing, and this is an extremely costly and lengthy method that drains the team and company resources.

The Meaningful Leader Program (MLP) is an eight-month interactive program that focuses on establishing a leader’s role, responsibility and building necessary skills to lead with positive impact.

The eight-month program typically covers topics such as:
  • Managing versus leading
  • Exploring various leadership styles and stages
  • Getting to know thyself (Personal Self-Mastery)
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Cognitive thinking patterns
    • Values, beliefs and needs
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Discovering the importance of communication
  • Effective conflict management
  • Working with different thinking styles
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Building and maintaining team trust
  • Designing a team vision
  • Confidence and motivation boosters
  • Coaching team members

Who is MLP for?

  • Managers earmarked for a leadership position
  • Newly appointed leaders
  • Current leaders who are not getting the optimal results from their team
  • All leaders who want to grow and develop their leadership skills and competencies
  • Leaders undergoing succession planning mentoring

How MLP works

Each MLP module comprises of a few things:

  • understanding the topic at hand
  • providing practical tools and tips
  • topic-related exercises
  • group discussions.

Participants are encouraged to experiment with the tools which further deepens the process of learning by doing. The focal point is to leave participants with a leadership toolbox that is practical, simple and delivers effective results.

MLP is designed for small to medium sized groups of five to 13 people. Participants can be from various divisions or departments. The MLP training takes place at the company’s premises which reduces travel time. There are two options for team meetings dependent on the team’s training availability:

Option A

  • Two hours every second week

Option B

  • Once a month for four hours

Do you want to grow and develop your current and/or newly appointed leaders to step into their roles with confidence and effectiveness? Are you looking to give your leaders the support they deserve? If you’ve answered yes to either of these two questions, then the Meaningful Leader Program is what you need.

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