Do you want to know how happy you are at work? Perhaps you may have wondered how happy a colleague is. Well, then the iOpener (iPPQ) Happiness @Work assessment will provide you with the powerful answers.

The iPPQ report will give you a detailed confidential report of the components that affect your performance and productivity at work. It will outline clear indicators of what fuels and what hinders you in your daily working environment. Additionally, it will highlight specific areas for you to target either in terms of improving or safeguarding what you already have.


The iPPQ report will give you deep insight on what is working for you and what concerns you may have at work. It provides a visual picture of how you compare with other people around the globe – are you above or below an average mean and trend of employees?

The iPPQ assessment will:

  • provide you with information on how to get more out of work
  • enable you to perform at your best
  • fast-track a coaching process
  • show you how to enhance and develop a team
  • teach you how to build personal leadership skills
  • give you tools to manage change better
  • increase motivation, confidence or energy
  • enable you to handle morale issues swiftly

What about confidentiality?

All results are strictly confidential and 4Seeds uses an online platform to ensure that this confidentiality is upheld at all times. The only people who will get to see your report is YOU.


Over eight years’ research has gone into developing the iPPQ and more than 165,000 people have used it. It has been developed using rigorous standards and research. The users vary from global to South African based as well as from executives to management.

How to complete the tool

The online assessment has 75 questions and should take you between fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. On the same day a personalised report is emailed to you with your own scores as well as areas of recommendation.


Do you want to know how happy you are at work?

The assessment costs R1,250 per assessment. Buy the iPPQ assessment now with a 30 minute telephonic consultation.

R 1,250.00

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