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We enable organisations and leaders to be their best through Positive Psychology, well-being and happiness interventions 

Why Positive Organisations Are Becoming Necessary 

Without people’s heads, hearts and hands, an organisation loses its potential to become successful.

We support leaders to develop a positive, uplifting, and happy organisational culture, supporting sustainable organisational change, and building collaborative and positive teams. We ensure effective organisational success through education, empowerment and embodiment of organisational values and vision from courses, workshops, long-term interventions and coaching.


Through our services, we aim to raise employee engagement, boost organisation performance, and grow your competitive advantage.

Our Services


Positive Organisation Starter Kit

An impactful and empowering four-hour introductory workshop.


Positive Team Building Workshops

Build your own bespoke and sustainable team building intervention.


Workshops and Courses

From leadership to workplace mindfulness, our courses offer an engaging experience.

Scientific Assessments

A range of holistic and scientific diagnostic tools.

Professional Coaching

professional and personal coaching. 

Happiness at Work

A long-term whole organisation approach to getting and sustaining positive organisational change.


We Pride Ourselves on Sustainability 

As a small company ourselves, we know the value of time and money. This is why our services are a representation of our passion for making a sustainable impact in Positive Organisations in South Africa.


4Seeds creates positive cultural change by delivering person-centred interventions that benefit individuals, teams and the organisation in a holistic and sustainable way.

We only offer products that are:


Are you working in a

positive organisation? 

Complete our positive organisation assessment and get your FREE company diagnosis delivered to your mailbox. 

What Has Changed in The World of Work? 

The concepts of happiness, satisfaction, engagement, meaning and well-being are fast becoming standard requirements for any organisation that wants to survive in this age of technology, creativity and rapid growth. 

By 2020, 60% of the Baby Boomer generation will have exited the workplace and will be replaced by the Millennials. The nature of this paradigm shift has transformed the traditional workplace into an innovative, adaptive and ever-evolving environment in which leaders and employees need resilience and the skills to manage change at rocket speed. 

The five challenges organisations currently face, and will do even more in the future, are:


  • Recruiting talented employees
  • Engaging and retaining employees
  • Succession planning
  • Effective change management through cultural continuity
  • Equipping leaders with the skills to lead in an ever-changing global climate


4Seeds is your ideal learning and development partner to equip your organisation with the skills needed to adapt to change. 


prepare your organisation for a bright future!

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