In this article, I want to speak about change in the unknown. Change is around us. Technology has made things a lot faster. The hybrid working place is a challenge. It creates a lot of uncertainty. Leaders need to be comfortable and courageous to lead in this very vulnerable and unknown time.

If you think back in time of history, we had prominent leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther king, or Gandhi, who all led in very vulnerable and ever-changing times. They had a purpose that they they needed to achieve and they didn’t know how every day would work out. There was a continuous vortex of change around them.

However, it is the purpose that they believed in and that they stood true to that gave them the strength to manage the change. The same applies for leaders at this time. It is honestly understanding what your purpose is in the workplace and staying true to that.

I would like to leave you with four tips to embrace change.

Become friends with change.

We need to to accept that change is around us, that it’s never going to go away and to not be fearful of it. So become open-minded and see the opportunity in change.

Change will always make you uncomfortable.

However, that is where the growth happens. You do not grow in your comfort zone. You only grow when you are out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have to embrace all of this change on your own.

Connect with peers; be it mentors, coaches, or like-minded people who can assist you, support you and encourage you as you are going through change.

Stay true to your purpose and reconnect to it.

What is the deeper purpose purpose you as a leader want to change and shift in the world. Once you connect to that, you have the ability to stay strong to your purpose

Over to you for sharing your comments and experiences.

How do you connect your work purpose to your team?

About the Author: Kerstin Jatho

Kerstin is the senior transformational coach and team development facilitator for 4Seeds Consulting. She is also the author of Growing Butterfly Wings, a book on applying positive psychology principles during a lengthy recovery. Her passion is to develop people-centred organisations where people thrive and achieve their potential in the workplace. You can find Kerstin on LinkedIn, Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook.

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