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Passionate professionals with a mission to build happiness in organisations. 

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

4Seeds knows that a positive workplace produces productivity and prosperity. It is through harnessing people’s potential, performance, and well-being that an organisation is able to deliver high-quality services and products to its customers. We know that your people are both your biggest asset and your highest cost, so investing in their development and happiness is an investment in your organisation’s long-term success and business sustainability.

Our Mission

To provide practical, evidence-based people solutions to empowered leaders, thereby optimising their potential through skills development and positive organisational change.


Through our Positive Psychology-based well-being and happiness interventions, we empower organisations and leaders to be their best; inspiring a happy, meaningful and engaged workplace.


Our Core Values

We’re passionate about enhancing the well-being of people, organisations, and society. These are the values at the core of our work: 



We understand your position.


We care about how our happiness impacts you.


We live by the same methods we teach.


We bring our enthusiasm for learning and growth to everything we do.


We learn through doing.

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Kerstin Jatho

Founder and Senior Consultant



Kerstin’s life philosophy is that with a curious, open mindset, everyone can aspire to flourish, be successful, and happy in their lives. She is an unashamed optimist with an open, intuitive and gentle manner, which makes building the bridge to personal and/or professional success comfortable, natural and enjoyable.

Her Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology from the United Kingdom makes Kerstin an expert in the field. She is passionate about Positive Psychology, and aspires to impart scientific tools and techniques that free people from negativity, shift their thinking, and enhance their behaviours towards their strengths. Kerstin is an avid student and is currently working towards her PhD in Organisational Psychology.

Kerstin’s mission is to enable people to thrive while being happy at work. She assists companies to create the space for employees to strive for self-fulfilment. As an ICF-accredited PCC Coach, Kerstin specialises in assisting executives and leaders to lead with courage, confidence, and ethics; balancing the diverse scales of peak performance and productivity with happiness and well-being for both leaders and teams.

Our Team

We are a passionate team of facilitators, coaches and trainers, experts at bringing out the best in our clients. From one-on-one sessions to large team building events, we bring fun, learning and skills development into every interaction.

Stephanie Diepering - Content Developer and Trainer

Stephanie is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist, coach and trainer with a passion for building people’s innate ability to reach their potential. She is constantly perusing both practical and research-based education in the field.

She believes that a healthy organisation starts with an investment in its people. Achieving full potential in the workplace is an ongoing process; however, there are some practical, simple and intuitive methods to help build individuals to become part of thriving teams, therefore creating successful and ethical organisations.

In 2018, Stephanie completed her foundational studies in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and began a Diploma in Happiness at Work through Berkeley University. She is also a Corporate Yoga teacher and Rebalancing Massage therapist with a deep yearning to create a healthier and happier South Africa.


Kim Hatchuel - Service Quality Support

Kim is the perfectionist’s perfectionist! There is simply no other way to describe her. She is a proofreader extraordinaire, is always on the lookout for any typos, misplaced apostrophes, and continuity, and is also a Microsoft Word guru.

Kim’s previous jobs include Executive PA, and Administration and Communications Manager at an insurance underwriter before she started her own company. A-Proofed, was born out of Kim’s love for proofreading in January 2015. She has worked with 4Seeds since 2015 and believes in 4Seeds vision to enhance well-being in people, organisations and society, and its values of Empathy, Happiness, Integrity and Energy (we work hard because we love what we do)!


Kim is a member of PEG (Professional Editors’ Guild).


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“Leading people on this journey of exploration and sound decision making is not Kerstin’s job, but rather her passion and purpose.

“I can definitely see the remarkable impact that Kerstin’s guidance, support and sincere care have had on my career and future plans.”

R. Leibowitz, Owitz Communications