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4Seeds Philosophy

4Seeds believes in an abundant prosperous workplace, combining people, profits, and happiness into one in a holistic approach. We inspire organisations to plant, grow, nurture and harvest abundance for their people, teams and shareholders by optimising the level of happiness in the workplace.

People, not profits, determine an organisation’s success as they are the ones that create, develop, deliver, process and implement structures. People are an organisation’s biggest asset. It’s through people’s productivity, quality of life and performance that organisations are able to deliver a high-quality service or product to their customers and make a profit. Profits are thus the outcome of the input that people have invested in the organisation. That being said, one shouldn’t view people and profits as two opposing elements, where one is focused on at the expense of the other, but rather as two sides of the scale that, when balanced, optimally leverage exceptional results.

Without people’s heads, hearts and hands, an organisation remains an empty shell. In that spirit, we support leaders to develop an ideal company culture, host regular team building activities for work and offer mentoring and coaching in the workplace. All of these services aim to raise employee engagement and well-being, through which you can create sustainability, as well as a competitive advantage.

4Seeds Vision And Mission

4Seeds Values

We cannot overstate the importance of work values and an ideal company culture. They give us clarity of purpose and help us identify what is important to us. Think of them as a sort of guiding compass. If we don’t act on them, we remain directionless. Great organisations, much like great people, live by their values. Here are ours:

4Seeds Name

Slider Seeds

The name 4Seeds comes from the principle of planting seeds in the lives of organisations and individuals through bespoke assessments, interventions and team building activities for work; creating awareness and assessing the readiness for change. Then the nurturing stage sets in where the learnt skills and positive behaviour changes are deepened through practical application, peer mentoring and coaching in the workplace. This leads directly to the final harvesting stage where we retrospectively celebrate the personal development, professional growth and company successes, before preparing for the next cycle of change.

What Makes Us The Experts?

We understand the dynamics of both sides. On the one hand, modern organisations expect their people to be engaged, committed and proactive to deliver high-quality performance and to take ownership of their own development. On the other hand, employees want to be happy at work and find meaning in their tasks while feeling a sense of value in achieving the organisational strategy.

Ultimately, organisations want to be profitable, competitive and sustainable in the ever-fluctuating market, while employees yearn to flourish and be happy in the workplace. 4Seeds is the bridge builder that unites two often opposite elements into a winning formula. Happy employees are productive employees, and that translates into good business outcomes. We understand that organisations are hesitant to accept the notion that emotions have a place in the workplace, but employees are human beings who want to bring their head, hands and heart to work. Allow us, the experts, to create an ideal company culture and facilitate team building activities for the workplace thus nurturing your engaged and happy workforce. 4Seeds ensures that people:

What’s Changed In The World Of Work?

The work environment has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Our business models are outdated, our leadership styles need upgrading, and our workforce is changing. The nature of change in itself has shifted from being a straight line to disruptive, eruptive and ever-evolving at Formula One speed. Companies cannot miss out on critical development stages, as that could be brutally fatal to their success. Hierarchical structures are flattening out with less and less managerial layers in between the top and the bottom part of an organisation.

By 2020, 60% of the Baby Boomer generation will be on their way out of the workplace and be replaced by the Millennials. With this generation transition, businesses are likely to lose valuable wisdom and years of knowledge and experience, whilst the Millennials bring dynamic and fresh perspectives about of how they want to work. Millennials have considerably disrupted the workplace through their outspoken courage to verbally express what they want in and from their work environment. Concepts such as happiness, satisfaction, engagement, meaning and well-being are fast becoming standard requirements.

Companies, regardless of size or years of existence, are faced with four future challenges:

  1. Recruiting Talented Employees
  2. Retaining and Engaging Employees
  3. Succession Planning
  4. Equipping Leaders with 21stcentury Skills to Lead


Looking at these four challenges, we become aware that the common thread is the human element, one that can become the biggest threat to an organisation’s success.

This is a threat that 4Seeds is a masters at managing!

What’s Our Secret To Success?

We use something called Positive Psychology, which is the science of optimal human functioning. Being an applied science means that the application tools, activities, theories, assessments and interventions used, lead to lasting change. 4Seeds bespoke interventions are evidence-based as opposed to self-help based, which means that they have been repeatedly tested for their success in varied settings across the globe. In our interventions, participants learn to form new positive habits of Thinking, Feeling and Applying which leads to the achievement of desired outcomes.

We are experts in applying Positive Psychology interventions with a down-to-earth approach that connects individuals’ needs and organisation’s goals. This five-step infographic demonstrates how our process works from rigorous assessment to the bespoke interventions which are planned, implemented and reviewed.

4Seeds CSI

Corporate Social Investment (CSI), or as we like to call them, Acts of Kindness, is a way of being at 4Seeds. It’s an ingrained part of our 4Seeds values and ideal corporate culture. We proudly support Meals on Wheels for the Elderly and the Santa Shoe Box initiatives. The elderly and children are often vulnerable and the hardest affected by the existing socio-economic plight. They have limited choices to change their life circumstances. They need us to protect and care for them, nurture them and give them the dignity and opportunities they deserve. 4Seeds is proud to be associated with these two phenomenal charities.


The Founder

Hi, I am Kerstin and the proud founder of 4Seeds

My story begins with starting my working career as a teenager, a month before I turned 19. Once I’d finished high school, and not being crystal clear on what my long-term career goals were, I enrolled in a six-month computer programming course. After finishing that, it was time for me to look for a job. I remember that looking for employment was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had. Every person that I spoke to said that I either lacked working experience or working skills, a standard catch-22 situation for many of today’s young adults. However, a company in the financial service industry decided to give me a chance and my working career jump-started.

I worked for the same corporate company for eighteen years, something that is unheard of in this day and age. I started off as the “Girl for Everything” who worked in every department until I was competent and skilled enough to create, develop, and run their Risk and Compliance division. Creating a branch of the company that had never existed before was extremely inspiring and motivating, and my climb up the corporate ladder was speedy. I remember the challenge of juggling work and my part-time studies for six years until I completed my B. Com Degree and for a long time, I was fulfilled and happy with my life and my success at work. However, as the years passed, things slowly changed, and I began to feel dissatisfied, frustrated and bored.

Many potentially exciting challenges were available to me, including opportunities to grow my corporate career further, but I chose to not see them, focusing on the negatives and problem areas. Reflecting on this time, I know now that what I desperately needed back then was a coach. Someone who would believe unconditionally in my innate abilities to perform better. Someone who could open my eyes to the opportunities available to me, while tapping into my motivation to further unleash my highest potential. I yearned for the services of a professional coach who could support me in clearly identifying my weak areas and “blind spots” while helping me to find alternative solutions to undesirable patterns of thinking and behaving that I had so easily developed.

But instead of looking for a coach to assist me in resolving my dissatisfaction with my corporate career, I resigned from my job and jumped right off the business ladder altogether. I took a long sabbatical and did some deep soul searching to find what I wanted to do with my life. This self-discovery process offered me a new-found passion and vocation – mentoring and coaching in the workplace! In 2010, I founded 4Seeds with the aim of creating heightened awareness around how to support happy employees and educating leaders and companies about the importance of happiness in the workplace for the benefit of the individual, the team and the organisation. And here we are, seven years later and I am more fulfilled than I ever thought possible. I love what I do and I would love to help you achieve the same fulfilment.

Kerstin’s Qualifications and Accreditations

Kerstin comes with an impressive repertoire of academic qualifications, memberships and accreditations. She is an ever-avid student by nature, and continuously strives to grow and develop her skills and knowledge. Her current professional aspirations is working towards obtaining her PhD in organisational psychology.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Accounting) (1996)

Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) (2016)

Professional Memberships

ICF Global Membership (since 2011)

ICF South Africa Chapter (2010)

IPPA International Positive Psychology Association (since 2012)


Inner Life Skills Coach (2009)

Life Coaching Diploma (2010)

Coaching Diploma for Positive Psychology Coaching (2016)

Global accreditation Happiness @ Work Facilitator (2011)

International Coach Federation PCC Credential (since 2017)

ReciproCoach Approved Mentor

School of Coaching Mastery (SCM) Approved Coaching Facilitator

Our Team

Kerstin Jatho – Coach And Facilitator

Kerstin’s personal life philosophy is that with a curious open mind-set and life perspective all human beings can aspire to flourish, be successful, and happy in their life. She is passionate about Positive Psychology, and aspires to impart scientific tools and techniques that enable people to get unstuck and shift their thinking and behaviour. Having obtained a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology from the United Kingdom makes Kerstin an expert in the field.

Kerstin is very much a people’s person. She is an unashamed optimist with an open, intuitive and gentle manner. This allows for the process of building the bridge to personal and/or professional success to be comfortable, natural and enjoyable. Her ability to be assertive in a calm way makes for an even-handed and open-minded experience.

Kerstin is an ever-avid student by nature, and continuously strives to grow and develop her multiple skills and knowledge. Click here to see her vita of qualifications. One of her current professional aspirations, which she is working towards, is to obtain her PhD in Organisational Psychology.

Besides personal coaching and mentoring Kerstin supports leaders, teams and individuals to flourish in their personal and professional lives. She wants to enable people to thrive while being happy at the workplace and assist companies to create the space for employees to be fulfilled. As an ICF Global accredited PCC Coach, Kerstin specialises in assisting executives and leaders to lead with courage, confidence and ethics; balancing the diverse scales of peak performance and productivity with happiness and well-being for both the leader as well as the team.

In her leisure time Kerstin enjoys going for long walks, traveling, playing the piano, doing needle work, reading a vast range of genres, and visiting the theatre.

Stephanie Diepering – Coach And Facilitator

Stephanie is an enthusiastic occupational therapist and coach with a passion for building peoples’ innate ability to reach their potential. With a background in adult education, yoga, mindfulness and mental health initiatives, Stephanie shares an avid interest in the field of Positive Psychology and has been perusing both practical and research-based education in the field for the past three years.

Stephanie believes that a healthy organisation starts with an investment in its people. We are meaning making machines and when we find meaning in our work, we become committed and passionate about its success. Achieving our potential in the workplace is an ongoing process; however, there are some practical, simple and intuitive methods to help build individuals to become part of thriving teams, therefore creating successful and ethical organisations.

Stephanie is working towards completing her preliminary studies in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction; she is also a caring and compassionate Corporate Yoga teacher with a deep yearning to create mentally healthy workplaces in South Africa.

In her free time, Stephanie is a loyal friend and partner to her boyfriend and enjoys reading up on everything related to psychology, well-being and the pursuit of knowledge. She loves being outdoors, hiking, doing yoga and finding spaces and people that are working towards a better world.

Kim Hatchuel – Service Quality Support

Kim Hatchuel is a perfectionist! There is simply no other way to describe her. She is a proofreader extraordinaire and is always on the lookout for any typos, misplaced apostrophes, and continuity, and is also a Word guru.

She has very good eyesight and can spot a mistake immediately. If a space was left in at the beginning of a sentence, or omitted before brackets in one sentence but not in another, she’ll catch it. If a name is spelled one way on page 7, and a different way on page 287, she’ll pick it up. In fact, if anyone has missed anything, she is your last hope of keeping errors out of the finished product. She is very detail orientated, and not to mention – a spelling and grammar snob.

Kim’s first job was as a claims typist at an insurance company in Johannesburg. When she left to go travelling, she was the Executive PA to the General Manager. In the UK, what was supposed to be a four-week assignment turned into a four-year stretch as PA to four directors of a helicopter finance company (ask her about the time she spoke to Prince Charles’ Private Secretary – the company arranged the finance for the Queen’s private helicopter). She returned to South Africa in 2003 and after a brief stint at a sports management company, joined an insurance underwriter as PA to the Chief Executive. A few years later she was promoted to Administration and Communications Manager and was in charge of internal and external communication, advertising, promotional material, as well as arranging company events. She was responsible for the ‘look and feel’ of all documents and was in charge of the FAIS compliance of the company.

Her company, A-Proofed, was borne out of her love for proofreading in January 2015. Kim has worked with 4Seeds since 2015 as she believes in the company’s vision to enhance well-being in people, companies and society, and its values of Empathy, Happiness, Integrity and Energy (we work hard because we love what we do)!

She is a member of SAFREA (Southern African Freelancers’ Association) and PEG (Professional Editors’ Group).

Sebastian Ammon – Web And Systems Developer

Sebastian is a recent Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Pretoria. His love for learning has given him opportunities to intern at companies operating in diverse fields such as live sound production, manufacturing and, information technology and services. He thrives on computer coding and developing efficient and effective systems at the push of a button.

While he is not learning something new, his other passions for music, volleyball and sound engineering keep him busy. Sebastian has had the privilege of representing Gauteng in the Interprovincial Tournaments from 2012 to 2014 and currently still plays volleyball for the University of Pretoria. He also enjoys going to music festivals and hearing about the latest music releases, and occasionally writes blog posts for online music magazine “Love SA Entertainment”. Combining his passion for music and sound engineering, Sebastian has also had the privilege of being the youngest to lead the sound department at the “City God First Church”.

Sebastian believes that it is important to leave your mark with the people around you and therefore cherishes any new or existing relationships in his life. “There is something fascinating about every person, one must just be willing to take the time and listen”