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We are human development specialists who are passionate about bringing out the best in everyone.

Our Founder

Founded in 2010 by Kerstin Jatho, 4Seeds Consulting is a dynamic training and organisational well-being institute. The company provides awareness, education, mentorship, and coaching on people development, well-being, mental health, and performance management. The core of 4Seeds’ passion is to empower leaders to balance well-being and performance in the hybrid workplace.

Kerstin Jatho

Founder & Coach | 4Seeds Consulting

4Seeds builds close partnerships with its clients. This starts from inception and lasts far beyond the end of the training. We pride ourselves on being your lifelong and trusted well-being learning and development partner. A dedicated facilitator is appointed to each client, and will guide and manage your intervention from start to finish. This ensures that you and your team have a seamless learning and development experience.

Our approach ensures that 4Seeds’ core values of empathy, innovation, integrity, growth, and energy are actively integrated with each service delivery experience.

Our Core Values

Our four seeds for positive organisational change

Our name, 4Seeds, is based on four strategies that create long-term value for our clients:


We identify well-being and performance challenges, diagnose needs, and prepare your people’s readiness for change. We run confidential digital individual, team, or organisational well-being assessments, which help clients obtain a baseline level for change. We provide people with an appreciation of what’s going well, and areas for improvement.


We empower people with interpersonal skills, tools, techniques, and accountability practices needed to grow and thrive. We do this through coaching, mentoring, or training, and our passion is to create workshops that integrate knowledge, fun, and practice.


We partner with you by supporting and coaching you through the change process of increasing your team’s performance, well-being, or mental health levels. We value developing meaningful relationships with our clients, allowing us to understand your specific needs and deliver bespoke services.


We regularly evaluate and assess progress, co-creating developmental steps, and making changes if needed. Once we collectively reach the desired goal, we celebrate your successes and provide recommendations for sustainability.

Our process

We offer a single-point solution for your well-being and people development needs. Whether it’s enhancing people development skills for leaders, instilling mental health programmes, managing hybrid teams, realigning organisational culture, running well-being assessments, or designing bespoke workshops, our team of experts is able to design a cost-effective learning and development package tailor-made to your organisational and team needs

Our promise

Our promise is that we will grow your people, and in turn your business. We’re known for our generous knowledge sharing, deep learning, efficiency, and ‘premium’ quality that exists in all our service offerings. Our services incorporate the latest human behaviour research, coaching methodologies, and learning technology.

Our commitment to this process ensures our business’s longevity through referral business driven by our brand ambassadors and loyal clients.

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