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4Seeds Philosophy

4Seeds believes in an abundant prosperous workplace which is a holistic approach that combines people, profits and happiness into one. We inspire organisations to plant, grow, nurture and harvest abundance for their people, teams and shareholders by optimising the level of happiness in the workplace.

People are an organisation’s biggest asset. People, not profits, determine an organisation’s success as they are the ones that create, develop, deliver, process and implement structures. Profits are an outcome of the input that people have invested in the organisation. You may disagree with this philosophy, but it’s through people’s productivity, quality and performance that organisations are able to deliver a high-quality service or product to their customers and make a profit. That being said, one shouldn’t view people and profits as two opposing elements where one has to choose at the expense of the other, but rather as two pieces that optimally leverage exceptional results. Without people’s heads, hearts and hands, an organisation remains an empty shell. In that spirit, we support leaders to develop an ideal company culture, host regular team building activities for work and offer mentoring and coaching in the workplace. All of these, with the underlying value to raise employee engagement and well-being.

By raising your staff’s well-being in the workplace, you will create sustainability, as well as a competitive advantage through unlocking individual fulfilment.

“Your people are your business.”