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I just want to say that our sessions have been very impeccable in my life and have helped me come out of my shell. This year was a brilliant year for me and I reflected on the conversations we had and re-organised my life. It made me to turn the lemon into lemonade and moved from trying to unscramble eggs to a point in my life where I had an inner drive and focus. I couldn’t even attempt to tell you the inner stir and shift and wisdom that have come with that.

You have been a great inspiration in my life and hope that you continue to inspire others as you have me. You are an icon!

L Rijntjes


It has been a privilege to work with Kerstin Jatho at 4Seeds as my business coach. We have embarked on a journey of growth, challenging my thought process while ensuring we stick to the plan.

Besides Kerstin and the 4Seeds team’s professionalism, I have always felt safe, valued and my expectations were exceeded.

I can definitely see the remarkable impact Kerstin’s guidance, support and sincere care have had on my career and future plans. Leading people on this journey of exploration and sound decision making is not Kerstin’s job, but rather her passion and purpose. She takes my success seriously and celebrates my accomplishments with me.

R Leibowitz

Owitz Communications