About us 

We are a passionate team of experts,
who bring out the best in our clients.

Our Vision

 Bringing about positive workplaces by harnessing people’s potential, performance, and well-being.

Our Mission

 To equip individuals, teams and organisations with practical, evidence-based solutions to optimise health, and happiness.

Our Core Values

Our Four Seeds for Positive Organisational Change


We identify problems, diagnose needs, and prepare your organisation’s readiness for change. 


We empower your organisation with the skills and accountability practices needed to grow towards success.


We become a partner to your success and challenges, coaching you through the process of successful change. 


We assess your changes,
co-create your developmental steps, and celebrate your successes.


Kerstin Jatho

Founder, Coach and Facilitator

Kerstin is an avid Positive Psychology practitioner and coach who has made it her mission to enable people to thrive whilst being happy at work. As an ICF-accredited PCC coach, Kerstin specialises in assisting executives and leaders to lead with courage, confidence, and ethics; balancing the diverse scales of peak performance and productivity with happiness and well-being for both leaders and teams. She holds a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology from the United Kingdom which makes her an expert in the field. Kerstin in an ardent student and is currently working towards her PhD in Applied Leadership.

What Our Clients Say

“Leading people on this journey of exploration and sound decision making is not Kerstin’s job, but rather her passion and purpose. I can definitely see the remarkable impact that Kerstin’s guidance, support and sincere care have had on my career and future plans.”

R. Leibowitz

Owitz Communications

“We were coached in a gentle, but persuasive manner and we were given practical tools and exercises that helped us to know ourselves better. 4Seeds taught us how to use our strengths, while at the same time gain a variety of skills to help us deal with the stress and manage people to the best of them.”

D. Rauff


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