4Seeds Assessments

Our four free assessments offer a powerful diagnosis of your current status, providing information on your needs, strengths, and readiness for change.

We all have the innate desire to grow and develop, but are you ready to invest the time, energy, and commitment in yourself to make it happen?

You spend 70% of your day at work. These should be your happiest hours. Being happy at work is important on so many levels: it provides a feel-good mood; makes us productive, creative, and happy; and allows us to engage with colleagues. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy at work, which has a ripple effect on their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive well-being. Work should be the place where you find meaning, satisfaction, and fulfilment, and not somewhere to go just to earn an income.

It’s no secret that most of us dislike change, but understand that we need change to grow and develop. Organisations are very reluctant to engage in change management programmes as 75% of them fail. The reason is that there are many factors to consider: time, resources, employee resistance, and vision clarity, so much so that the process drains us well before we’ve reached the finish line.

Most organisations and leaders agree that the old way of doing business is no longer working for their people, the business, and for society. This is why the concept of positive organisations, which has been around for the past ten years, is becoming more dominant as a business strategy. In positive organisations, people flourish in their work, which means that they develop human strengths, foster resiliency in employees, enable healing and restoration, and cultivate extraordinary individual and organisational performance.