Leading styles in the 21st century are totally different from how they were 30 years ago. Business, economic and technological environments are continuously changing at a rapid rate and stable, predictive environments appear to be something of the past. New environments require leaders to be flexible, agile and continuously on their toes. To complicate the leadership role, solutions are no longer simple and straight forward and knowledge, skill and competency are often not enough to solve these intricate challenges. History can guide us, but we need to dig deep to find solutions. Old leadership methods are no longer enough and a new way is being discovered, designed and tested by leaders.

For the traditional and conventional leader this is extremely difficult to accept and even embrace. It challenges the assumptions that stability, hierarchical leadership and control are the core principles to managing an effective and profitable company. In addition, this type of leader believes that they should have the solutions to all challenges. This mindset is limiting for both the leader and the company and he/she will need a new mindset style.

These tips will be helpful to get you to adjust and learn to use the new leadership mindset.

  1. Expand your mental mindset so that everything that was static is now fluid. Companies are live eco-systems which are continuously (and I mean every hour) changing and moving. It’s like an outside eco-system where there is some noticeable movement and other movement is happening below the surface, invisible to the naked eye. The same applies in companies – things are changing all the time and that requires vigilance through hearing, feeling, seeing and sensing. Become curious and open-minded about what is happening in your eco-system. Become still and aware so that you can notice the changes.
  1. In the business world we juggle with both constraints and possibilities. These two things often feel like they are in opposition with one another; a continuum where one side wins and the other loses and where we have to give up something to gain something else. The new agile leadership mindset is comfortable with this tension and has the ability to hold two or more opposing thoughts in more complex, agile and adaptive ways. They are able to notice the tension, and find the conventional solution to fix the challenge and not to react. They can decide if the solution is the best one that addresses all of the aspects. It’s about finding a new unique solution and for that you need your people. Through collective sharing we learn and create unique solutions. Now we are including the entire eco-system.

Invest in leadership training and skills development 

The new leadership mindset requires leaders to be agile in their thinking and their approach, and to be open to the vulnerability of not knowing the solutions; curious to learn together. Accepting that we won’t always learn to solve problems the first time around and that seeking solutions is an ongoing process of failing, learning and trying again. Agility is the new leadership skill that results in success and performance. Contact us for more information today.