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Three Work Orientation Styles and Expectations

In this video, I want to talk to you about the three work orientation styles and the expectations. Every person has a different reason for the job they have chosen. Some do it for money, others wish to be successful and there are those who find passion in the work they do. Every company needs to ensure they fine tune their recruitment process to ensure they get the individual they need for the role. Have you considered where some of your employees fit in? How was their recruitment process?

The Cost of a Toxic Work Environment

In this video, I want to talk to you about the cost of a toxic work environment. You may have heard the expression called "the great resignation". Companies are losing employees rapidly. Companies where the culture no longer serves them. And if you think about it, what makes up a big component of an organisations culture? It is diversity, equality, and respect and if those are not in place, the environment you are in could be considered toxic. What do you do when you are in a toxic environment or situation at work?

Leadership and Sportsmanship

In this video, I want to talk to you about leadership and sportsmanship. If you watch competitive sports, there is always someone who wins and someone who loses. It's about the behaviour afterwards. Do they go up towards each other, shake hands, and very kindly congratulate each other? Or are they bitter about the loss? And that made me think, how do we, as leaders display great sportsmanship in business? What are the values of either the company or your team?

How To Become a Virtual Employee

In this video, I want to talk to you about how to become a virtual employee. We are now on the dawn of a new way of working where we can work when we want to, perhaps where we want to. But with that comes different challenges. How have you adapted to a virtual or hybrid way of working?

The Death of a Leader

If you think about it, leadership is like social media. You've continuously got to be relevant, current, up-to-date and with it. The latest styles, the latest trends. Have you ever thought about it? So, think about your leadership style. Is it relevant or does it need a "social media" upgrade?

Empathy as a Must-Have Leadership Skill

In this video, I want to talk to you about a key leadership skill called empathy. Companies and leaders who focus on empathy as part of their culture will naturally increase performance, productivity, engagement, and motivation. How are you bringing empathy into your organization and what are the successes of doing that?

The Power Of Kindness At Work

In this video, I want to discuss the power of kindness. In this fast-paced society, we often overlook small gestures of kindness and underestimate how kind gestures can go a long way. Have you ever witnessed an act of kindness? We all need to be mindful of what those around us are going through. Being kind does not cost a thing and you never know just how much your act of kindness is needed.

The Misalignment Between Values and Goals

In this video, I want to talk to you about the misalignment between values and goals. We all have goals that we want to strive for. They might be short-term goals, medium-term goals, or long-term goals, both in our personal lives or in our professional lives. But what is critical is that these goals need to be aligned with our values, otherwise they feel like chores, and they lose their joy.

Self-Care Is Important To Avoid Burnout

In this video, I discuss the topic of self-care, especially for leaders of teams. Have you or someone in your workplace suffered from burnout and if so, what do you do to encourage self-care? How do you assist your teams with self-care in the workplace? We look at some alternatives to try in your working environment to avoid your team from reaching burnout.

The Concept Of Bullied Assistance

In this video, I want to talk to you about the concept of bullied assistance. Has a leader or senior team member ever made you feel bullied into a decision or into saying and doing something you are not comfortable with? Is it time to have a tough discussion with a leader?

How To Roll Out Mentorship In An Organisation

In this video, I want to share how to roll out mentorship in an organisation. Mentorship is a lot about taking somebody under your wings and guiding them, helping them grow in their role. If you focus on mentoring individual team members, you leave a legacy behind. And isn't that empowering and gratifying when you leave an organisation one day, knowing you've left a legacy behind and you've groomed a leader or a future individual to step up in that role.

Four Steps On Creating Leaderless Teams

In this video, I want to share with you 4 steps on creating leaderless teams. Sounds absurd to have a team lead itself? But that is the trend mature teams are moving towards. The power is that leaderless teams grow faster, set higher goals and hold each other accountable. Try it out with our team on a small project and then increase the intensity each time.

Seven Ways Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

In this video, I share with you the seven ways to assist employees in finding meaning in their work. It is very important to know who we impact with our work and that we matter. Understanding how our values connect to our tasks assists in establishing finding meaning AT and IN work. Without meaning a task becomes a chore and our working days very long.

Two Strategies To Manage Your Worktime

In this video, I share with you the three types of time influencing your work time management. Two of the times, subordinate and self-reflection time, are the most difficult to implement but are the most important ones for you to develop as they advance your career and prevent bottlenecks in your team flow.

Four Ways To Consider When Developing Your Team

In this video, I discuss with you four things to consider when choosing training and workshops for your employees. It starts with asking the employees what their specific needs are to perform their work more optimally versus throwing random workshops at them hoping something will stick. The more clarity an organisation has on the workshop goals and measurables the more successful they are.

Six Steps To Manage Underperformers

In this video, I share with you six steps on how to manage an underperformer. It is critical to demonstrate support to assist and help the underperformer and not to punish them or work them out of the company. But the conversation needs to happen and not be ignored as it undermined the leader's credibility and respect. Worse you are subconsciously consenting to this behaviour which will result in a culture of mediocracy.

Four Steps To Introduce Job Crafting To Your Team

In this video, I discuss the concept of job crafting and why it is powerful to implement with your team. The term is not new but still seldom applied as it's easier to micromanage than to have people craft a task to satisfy their needs and boost their strengths. Even when operating standards are in place people should have autonomy to bring their uniqueness on completing the task whilst maintaining quality protocol.

8 Coaching Steps for Leaders

In this video, I share with you eight coaching steps that leaders can apply to enhance their leadership efficiency. We are so used to telling others what to do and leaders often feel pressurised to have the answers to challenges, but when applying the coaching mindset you can co-create the solution with your team. This has the benefit that more minds are thinking about a solution that will result in enhanced quality decisions.

Three Behaviours To Enhance Your Leadership Effectiveness

In this video, I share with you three behaviours that leaders can upskill in if they want to become effective. The statistics show that leader effectiveness has dropped by 70% and the reason is that nowadays the demand for leaders is heavier. We are asking leaders to be a task, people and change orientated all at the same time. Something that can only occur through self-development.

The Cost of Resignations

In this video, I share with you the high-cost organisations incur due to the resignation wave. The reason for the current trend can be manyfold such as the organisation's culture, a leadership style or a lucrative remuneration package. What is more important is to identify the individuals who you believe will potentially resign and ask yourself, do I want them to leave and if not what can you do right now to assist them in staying? Often a candid conversation opens up solutions.

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