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Acknowledgment, Recognition & Positive Feedback Are Not The Same

n this video, I explain what the difference is between acknowledgement, recognition, and feedback. The three terms are often used interchangeably but are applied differently. For many leaders, neither of the three terms come easily and require conscious awareness. May my three tips make it easier for you to give authentic and regular feedback.

It All Starts With Changing Your Attitude

In this video, I share with your 4 steps on how to amend your team's attitude so that it is in alignment with the fast-moving workplace change. Your brain is your hardware that likes to be in a comfort zone, and your attitude is your software that needs a regular upgrade through growth and questions.

Five Steps In Building Respect In The Organisation

In this video, I share with you five steps on how to build respect in the workplace. You can either force respect onto someone through authority and titles or you can build respect through your actions. Especially as leaders respect in teams is crucial as it has a direct link to diversity and equality.

Five Steps on Creating a Compelling Vision

In this video, I share with you six steps on co-creating a compelling vision statement with your team. Being aware that our emotions need to align with the vision otherwise, has no passion and motivation for us. Also, make the creation of the vision statement fun and creative for all. When last did you revisit your team vision statement?

Eight Steps To Connect Your Teams Heart To The Goals

In this video, I share with you eight steps to connect your team's heart to the goals. Without introducing value congruency your team will quickly get bored with their tasks and become mediocre in their execution. Conflict and inefficiency make their presence known. Leaders need to ensure work is challenging and ensure their is a positive vibrant heart beat in their team. You can feel the difference in their energy. What's your team's heart beat right now?

Three Steps To Improve Your Human Capital

In this video, I share with you three steps on improving your human capital in the workplace. Gaining an understanding that your people matter and that they are the driving source behind a leaders and organisations success. Using confidential surveys, learning programs and succession planning to grow and develop your people and their wellbeing. What is your strategy to improving human capital in your organisation?

Four Steps On How To Leverage Your Followers

In this video, I share with you four steps on how to transform a conformist order-taking team into a critical thinking team. Giving your team permission to question decisions, including yours, and evaluating the value they contribute is exceptionally powerful. This approach means your team become an equal partner to you and are a true extension of you. They do not follow you blindly nor execute orders without questioning them. Would this concept work in your organisation and with your team?

4 Concepts On Managing Change In The Workplace

In this video, I share with you four concepts on how to be fluid with change in the workplace. Understanding the structure of change has altered itself therefore something like the Kaizen approach is too slow for the dynamic change process we find ourselves in. The four tips will assist you and your team to be more agile to change and focus on things that you have control over. How well is your team coping with the ongoing change in your organisation?

Five Steps In Creating Exemplary Followers

In this video, I share with you 5 tips on creating exemplar followers who participate, solve problems and are innovative. The art is to develop equal relationships with your team members where they can voice their ideas and perhaps even critique a leaders decision. If you don't want your team members to be order takers, then reciprocal followership is the way to go. What are your thoughts about reciprocal followership, can it work in your team?

4 Ways to use Strengths in the Workplace

In this video, I share with you four ways how you can use your strengths in the workplace. Strengths are natural to use and make work effortless, energising and easy, but sadly we don't utilise them enough in the workplace. To start off you need to know what your strengths are and then spot them in others. Using your strengths contributes to experiencing work fulfilment, satisfaction and well-being. Do you know what you are naturally good at?

The Why of Your Work Task

In this podcast, I share the importance of knowing why you are doing a work task. Without knowing the why, a task quickly becomes mundane and meaningless. It's important for leaders to explain why a task is requested and what the impact or value is. Are you clear of why you do certain work tasks?

How To Dial Up Communication as a Leader

In this video, I share with you the philosophy that a leader can never over communicate with his team. In the hybrid working place communication to teams needs to be dialled up to 8 times to ensure the message comes across the way it is intended. It's important to focus on frequency and different communication methods. What's the most successful communication method you have used with your team?

Find The Positive in Work

In this video, I share with you how to shift from a negative fix it mindset to an abundant positive mindset at work. Tap into past work situations where you or your team were at your best and establish how you behaved and how you can repeat it. This process has a lighter creative and empowering energy about it. When was your team last at their best?

Five Reflective Steps That Make You a Better Leader

In this video, I share with you five reflective steps in becoming a more effective leader. Taking short 15 or 20 minutes of uninterrupted time assists you to plan, think things through and become aware of your behaviour. It's the antidote to being on autopilot. What's your process of just pausing for a moment and being present with yourself?

How To Deal With Negative People In The Workplace

In this video, I share with you how to deal with negative people in the workplace. It takes many positive engagements to score out one negative encounter and in teams this ratio increases to 1:5. We need positive strategies to buffer against negative situations and or people, otherwise, our energy becomes depleted. How do you balance out a negative event within your team?

Five Facts that Influence Quality Decision Making in Teams

In this video, I share with you the five facts that hinder teams from making quality decisions. It is important to be aware of these facts as they quickly creep into team thinking and limit decision making. Leaders have to be vigilant and make teams aware of groupthink otherwise quick but not quality decisions are made. How do you minimise groupthink in your team?

6 Ways to Increase Gratitude in Your Team

In this video, I share with you 6 ways to increase gratitude in your team. These are practical tips that can assist a team and leader to make gratitude part of their culture. Starting to establish the lens to see who contributed to your day and to take the time to acknowledge them. Celebrating wins, saying thanks, being there for one another and kindness are all part of gratitude.

The Secret Of Getting Into The Zone

In this podcast, I share what it means to be in the zone at work, and the personal benefits for you. Perhaps you have experienced being in the zone but never noticed how you got there. The podcast will share some strategies to enable you to get in the zone more often and easier.

Emotional Agility (Intelligence) is Your Ally in the Workplace

In this video, I share with you the principle that emotions are data and your bodies way of communicating with you. You use your emotions to make decisions and then substantiate them with facts. Emotions are vital to understanding people's viewpoints, thus the more you are able to tune into emotions the more effective you are as a leader.

The Key To Excellence In Teams Through Positive Emotions

In this podcast, I share the importance of allowing your team members to bring their emotions into the workplace. Especially in the hybrid workplace, our emotions have become an important part of our work performance. Mindfully working with people's emotions will be the differentiator between a mediocre team and a team that is performing brilliantly. How do you ensure that team members can express how they are feeling at work?

Four Ways to Increase Engagement in the Workplace

In this video, I share 4 ways to increase engagement in the workplace. Up to 70% of your employees are disengaged at work, reducing performance, productivity, employee satisfaction, and well-being. As an employer, you have it in your control to make the working environment attractive for employees to engage. However, in the end, it is the employees choice. What engagement techniques have you used that made a positive difference?

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