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Team size engaged with: Five teams each comprising of between eight and 12 members

Scientific leaders undergo a Happiness at Work intervention


Guide a group of highly-skilled scientific laboratory professionals to raise their level of happiness at work, so that they can reach their own and their team’s potential.

Solution implemented

  • Assessed the team’s level of well-being before and after the intervention, using the confidential online Science of Happiness at Work™ diagnostic tool.
  • Rolled out an eight-month leadership intervention that focused on the leaders working together and not in silos, opening up communication, joint problem-solving, and working together.
  • Combined interventions with individual coaching sessions to assist each leader in integrating the learnings and finding solutions to their various team challenges.


  • Increases and shifts were obtained in:
    • Overall happiness at work 10%
    • Being able to raise issues 33%
    • Feeling efficient 40%
    • Feeling resilient 32%
    • Making a positive impact 45%
    • Loving our job 46%
    • Trusting the vision of the leader 34%
    • Job fits career plan 35%
    • Being able to express positive emotions 32%
    • Using your strengths 34%
    • Doing something worthwhile 33%
    • Pride, trust, and recognition 24%


Through the diagnostic tool, we were able to measure behavioural change before and after. Leaders were taught practical tools to apply on themselves and on their teams, always focusing on using their innate strengths.

“We were coached in a gentle, but persuasive manner, and were given practical tools and exercises that helped us to know ourselves better and how to work with our strengths. At the same time, we gained a variety of skills to help us deal with the stress and manage people to get the best out of them.”

Let’s Make Things Happen

Kerstin Jatho

4Seeds Consulting | Coach & Facilitator

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