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Designing a human capital strategy for the board of directors


Design a human capital strategy and framework for the board of directors to roll out over the next five years.

Develop an execution plan with clear objectives, targets, and areas of development.

Solution implemented

  • Drafted a human resources framework that ensures that the workforce is engaged, motivated, committed, happy, and that they experience job satisfaction.
  • Mentored the existing human resources department to transition and embrace the human capital strategic framework.
  • Assisted human resources to work side-by-side with all stakeholders.
  • Aligned all procedures and policies accordingly.
  • Introduced and revised the recruitment and interview process, including a culture-fit assessment in four languages.
  • Designed an annual organisational health and well-being barometer that measured how happy, engaged, and satisfied people were at work.


  • Implemented a middle management tier in the company that could support the executives.
  • Improved the recruitment process with the ideal culture fit first time around.
  • Designed a succession plan, and trained people to move into the positions.
  • Introduced an effective performance management system.


The human capital strategic framework assisted the board of directors to have a monthly agenda item that reviewed the progress of their employees’ well-being, growth, and recruitment. The human resources department developed a trusted, long-term relationship that complemented their work, and assisted in providing improved reporting to the board of directors.

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