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Third-party insurance recovery

Team size engaged with: Varied from eight to the entire organisation of 25 people

Rolling out a performance evaluation system and leadership readiness


The organisation took a strategic decision to improve its delivery service, which required high-performing employees. As a first step, a performance evaluation system needed to be designed, implemented, and maintained. It was important to combine tasks, performance, and organisational value alignment into one process. The balance between performance and a positive attitude was critical.

Solution implemented

  • We assisted the CEO over a six-month period to design the performance evaluation matrix and test it on the leadership team.
  • We supported the CEO to positively communicate the new process to the employees, with a six-month adjustment period.
  • The leadership team was coached over many sessions on how to manage candid conversations, address resistance to change, deal with conflict, and feel confident to conduct the performance evaluation conversations.


  • The performance evaluation process has become part of the organisation’s culture, with an additional focus area on how to interview new employees to be a greater culture fit from the get-go.
  • Through the process, non-performing employees were encouraged to enhance their performance, or chose to leave on their own accord.
  • An extensive induction and onboarding process was added.


The decision to balance culture fit with high performance was a game changer. This resulted in recruiting the right employee, rather than hiring someone quickly and then later experiencing attitude and behavioural challenges.

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Kerstin Jatho

4Seeds Consulting | Coach & Facilitator

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