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Team size engaged with: Six housemasters and teachers

Housemasters conduct a 360-degree performance review


Understand what the cause is, and work on closing the communication gap between teachers, parents, and pupils in an elite boys’ high school.

Solution implemented

  • Used an online, confidential 360-degree performance assessment to obtain feedback and input from parents, pupils, teachers, and senior leaders, enabling each level to freely express themselves.
  • Each housemaster received their own personalised feedback report, which detailed areas of growth and development.
  • A three-month intervention was held, in which we designed a united approach of areas to change, and develop strategies on how to attain them.


  • Obtaining feedback from everyone assisted in identifying patterns that needed to be addressed.
  • Learning the gift of feedback, and how to give as well as receive it.
  • Working towards solutions that are a win-win for the teachers, pupils, and parents.
  • Housemasters learning to work together as a team, setting a quarterly plan of action and acknowledging each other’s strengths.

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Kerstin Jatho

4Seeds Consulting | Coach & Facilitator

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