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Team size engaged with: 15 people

Transforming their senior leadership team by using the Science of Happiness at Work™ to unlock communication.


The senior leadership team wasn’t operating as a unit, and many dysfunctional team characteristics were evident.

Our mandate was to create a transformational shift of owning one’s leadership role, enabling the senior leadership team to conduct transparent and open communication, and to work together as a united team.

Solution implemented

  • To get to the core of what was unspoken in the team, we conducted the Science of Happiness at Work™ The data was analysed for common themes and patterns, and interventions were designed around these.
  • We hosted a nine-month intervention that specially worked on concepts such as:
    • Communication
    • Conflict management
    • Values and culture realignment
    • Providing feedback
    • Appreciating others
    • Introducing new team norms
    • Working with personality and strengths diversity
    • Trusting each other and creating a safe space
    • Learning from mistakes and not blaming


  • The results were phenomenal in a short timeframe, and resulted in the first South Africa change from the Science of Happiness at Work™.
  • Key findings were an increase in:
    • Overall team happiness levels 8%
    • Raising issues 17%
    • Loving my job 10%
    • Appreciating the values 17%
    • Fair culture 12%
    • Experiencing positive emotions 20%
    • Feeling recognised 9%
    • Overcoming challenges 9%


The intervention resulted in a reshuffle of the senior leadership team, and, for the first time, there were conversations about the years of unspoken misconceptions. Once the team was aligned, trust was re-established, and this assisted in fostering open and transparent conversations. The intervention was the foundation for the organisation to bring in a people-focused culture, which they have upheld until today.

“The programme was well received by all participants, and the executive who acknowledged the positive outcomes.”

Let’s Make Things Happen

Kerstin Jatho

4Seeds Consulting | Coach & Facilitator

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