Many models and theories exist relating to Organisational Development and Change (ODC). 4Seeds is well-versed in many of the ODC models, but we are advocates of the philosophy of strengths-based change. This means that we explore the organisation’s and people’s strengths, and what they naturally and collectively do well, and then we expand from there. When we focus on the weaknesses, we limit the growth and development that is possible. It’s in the strengths that we leverage transformation and optimise the change process.

When 4Seeds partners with you in transforming your organisational culture, we become part of the team with a specific change portfolio as our mandate. 4Seeds facilitates change through these seven steps.

  1. Conduct initial organisational diagnostics by using questionnaires and interview techniques to establish the status of the individual, team and organisational performance, well-being, and mental health status.
  2. Understand the change gap (where we are now, and where we want to be).
  3. Compose a strategic plan which includes targets, measurements and timeframes, responsible person, and celebrates milestone achievements.
  4. Identify and train change management champions to oversee projects, motivate people, and manage resistance to change.
  5. Support, grow, and develop leaders, managers, and employees with the change process.
  6. Provide monthly reviews and feedback on the progress of the change.
  7. Realign and redirect where necessary.