Five things explain what coaching is not, so as to remove any misunderstandings or expectations of what isn’t included in the coaching process.

  1. Coaching is not meant to create any co-dependence. The aim is to help grow and support a person so that after the coaching is complete, they are empowered to go their own way.
  2. Coaching does not dwell in the past, nor does it aim to analyse or fix past life events. Coaching has a future orientation, and respects that engaging in healing past events is for other qualified professionals.
  3. Coaching does not seek to give advice or diagnose problems. Everyone is the expert of their life, and has the knowledge and understanding of their current situation. Everyone is capable and competent to find solutions to their own challenges.
  4. Coaching sessions are not training sessions where skills or competencies are transferred. In a coaching session, the client sets the agenda, the topic to be discussed, and the desired outcome.
  5. Coaching is not prescriptive, so the coach won’t tell the client what to do. In every session the client chooses what they are willing to explore, reflect, and experiment with.