We’ve all seen pictures of beautiful snow-capped mountains, the sunrise over the mountain tops, and the tranquil landscape. So, it’s no surprise that the mountaineering bug has bitten you!

Preparing to climb a mountain is a deeply personal journey underpinned with various techniques and programs. The same can be said about the actual climbing experience and post summit achievement which is internalised differently by everyone. No climber faces the same challenges. Each trip and mountain brings with it different memories.

When we hear the word “fitness”, we naturally think about physical stamina and strength, being able to endure the long walk while maintaining a healthy cardiovascular fitness level. On the one hand taking recovery and rest phases into account to not over exhaust our muscles, and on the other hand pushing our body to its limits. But is that enough preparation for an excursion? Is physical fitness reliable enough to ensure we master our adventure?

We strongly advise a more holistic fitness approach that encapsulates the physical with the psychological. Positive psychophysiology is the study of the body and noticing how thoughts and emotions impact our level of well-being both on the physical and psychological level. They go naturally hand in hand and should be trained separately.

To make sure that a climber has a positive memory of the accomplishment and journey, many intricate aspects need to culminate at the same time. During the journey, things such as the climate, unforeseen equipment failure and physical ailments and injuries are beyond our control; however, our mental attitude and emotional well-being state in mastering and coping with adversity is in our control. Some people are genetically better equipped with a positive and strong mind-set, while others are less fortunate and must acquire, learn and practice these skills.

Mountaineers receive well-designed training programs, climbing equipment schedules and travel timetables that prepare them physically for the journey. Their mental state of mind and attitude, however, is left entirely up to them. Dan Gilbert’s research shows that human beings are often not accurate judges of their own psychological well-being and forecasting for the future.

4Seeds has partnered with Adventures Global to provide a holistic framework to ensure that you are fit from a physical, psychological and emotional level to embark on your mountaineering expedition. Through practice, training and repetition we will assist you to develop cognitive tools and techniques to be psychologically and emotionally equipped to master unforeseen challenges and experiences prior, during and after the mountaineering experience. Our monthly talks will equip you with skills to:

• manage various life situations by using practical tools
• be aware of self-observation of mental sinkholes
• understand positive and negative emotions
• build a routine of positivity that you can draw on in a time of need
• be resilient during adversity
• strike a vital balance of focusing on your strengths and weaknesses
• reduce stress

And so much more!

The amazing part is that these tools can be applied in all your life domains, be it at work, in your personal life, your relationships and with your families. You are gaining life skills that shift you from surviving to thriving. At 4Seeds our slogan is “Don’t go through life, grow through life” and that means having a positive mind-set and attitude towards life.

If you are interested in attending such a monthly talk please email Lisa Gering lisa@adventuresglobal.net and we will let you know when the next one is happening.