What the book is about

Growing Butterfly Wings is the story of 18 months of recovery and personal transformation from a serious car accident.

Our bodies heal at their own pace, but we have control of our attitude and approach to our recovery.
In the book, Kerstin shares her own personal story of recovery, and the 10 techniques she applied to move forward, regardless of what was happening. She shares ideas of how she learned to adjust her entire lifestyle. One of the focal points of the book is to learn to embrace and accept the new you, and to work with that. There’s a workbook section, aimed to assist you to reflect and grow from your traumatic experience. The book can also be of value to caregivers, so that they can understand what a person in a long-term healing journey goes through.

Why Kerstin wrote the book

Kerstin wrote the book to motivate those who are going through a traumatic and life-changing situation to never give up. She understands that the road to recovery can be lonely, and that it may often appear like an upward battle. Situations and conversations will come up which you won’t be prepared for, or want to embrace. In the blink of an eye, the old you will vanish, and you will have to fight to reclaim the new you, step by step. You might need to let go of old habits, environments, activities, or patterns.

Growing Butterfly Wings will inspire and encourage people undergoing a long-term recovery to remain resilient, optimistic, and moving forward. Kerstin wants you to know that she understands your trajectory and recovery process all too well.

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Who the book is for

  • People going through a long-term illness.
  • People in recovery and rehabilitation.
  • People who are not coping with trauma.
  • Caregivers.

Where you can get a copy of the book

Order your book directly from Kerstin by filling in your postal address. An additional charge of R100 will be levied for postage fees.

If you want Kerstin to autograph your book, leave a note here with your name and a special message.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book, even though it was heavy going on some pages. Perhaps it was like this because I saw myself in so many of the characters.

You have written a book with honest, raw emotions, just as your life happened and unfolded. On top of it, you provided the reader with some valuable techniques to change their life.

I liked the way the book was laid out, the quality of the paper, and the big text. The summaries were clearly surrounded by a grey frame, and the exercises were in a different font on a spiral-formed sort of notebook, which made me feel relaxed. It was different to all the other self-help layouts I have found so far. The title fits like a shoe, and the simple butterfly design spoke to me as I love simplicity.”

The telling of the story, coupled with practical techniques applied, makes the book a wonderful and inspirational gift for everyone. It is also a valuable tool for anyone recovering from similar injuries.

May your journey continue with an outcome of complete healing, and a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your deepest, innermost feelings.

Ira Auf

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