Coaching has its roots in the humanistic science of psychology. Many coaches use integrative approaches in their coaching style which are drawn from things such as Cognitive Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, or Neuroscience. This means that the theories or models used stem from an evidence-based scientific foundation. The question which must be asked is: “does the world of business care about the scientific part?”

A large number of leaders make business decisions on a subjective basis, in other words their gut feeling. Facts, figures and information are obviously important in a decision-making process, but these are often regarded as supporting evidence that either affirm or disaffirm the fundamental decision. The intuitive gut often overrides everything logical presented by the brain.

You may not agree with me, but think about it from this viewpoint: When last did you make a business decision based on statistics and scientific facts? Did you make your decision based on the fact that it just made instinctive sense and you felt like it could absolutely work in your business?

Let’s look at another example. There are countless marketing models and theories out there which are all designed by experts in the field. But do we take them and apply them verbatim in our business? Generally the answer is “Well, sort of, but our business is different. These steps could work but those other two won’t because our industry, people and environment are different. We are not like any other business”. And you are right – your business is unique and you will most certainly know best.

The same philosophy applies to coaching services. As much as it matters to you that the appointed coach has the necessary qualifications and credentials, you want them to treat your business with the uniqueness it deserves. Your expectation is that the coach can build a bridge between their coaching methodology and your business needs to enhance performance for both the individuals’ as well as the company’s benefit. You trust that they have the know-how and how they achieve that and what technique or tools they apply is generally unimportant to you.

I will even go a step further… and this is a bold and very courageous statement… often coaches are appointed by businesses based on an intuitive gut decision, because that is the subjective way businesses have successfully been operating for many years.

The entire focus is on the coach and whether he or she has the ability to take proven concepts and convert them into simple, practical and applicable tools which will benefit the individual in achieving their potential and supporting the business to grow. The scientific-based models matter in so far that the company wants to know that the coach has the underlying knowledge, tools and training, but most importantly selects the appropriate tools to create the necessary change.