Hi there and welcome. It’s Kerstin Jatho here from 4Seeds Consulting, a transformational coach who shifts people from languishing to flourishing. In this video, I want to talk to you about leadership and sportsmanship.

Over the weekend I watched a tennis game, and it was neck on neck. It could have gone either way. And obviously somebody won, and somebody lost. But the two players went up towards each other, shook hands, and very kindly congratulated each other. And that made me think, do we do that as leaders? Do we do that when we lose? Do we actually shake hands, accept it, reflect on it, and take it as true sportsmanship? Or do we start playing the blame game and start looking what all went wrong?

Of course, to lose is painful and it often costs money. So, it would have done for that sportsman as well. But it’s more about the process that they engage in afterwards. Because what would that loser of that tennis game have done afterwards is to watch the game again most probably. Absorb and reflect on what went well, and what didn’t go well. Include the team for feedback, and look at areas of growth and development.

Of course, as I say, it is painful and there is always a money loss component in it. But as leaders, do we bring in that sportsmanship, energy, and camaraderie? And I’d like to invite you to do that. Be a gentleman, shake hands, and be a fair loser. Sometimes it might’ve just not been your day that day. And the other person might’ve just been better.

So, the next time something doesn’t go well, perhaps look at that metaphor of the sportsmanship and how we can bring that in.

Over to you for sharing your comments and experiences.

What are the values of either the company or your team?

About the Author: Kerstin Jatho

Kerstin is the senior transformational coach and team development facilitator for 4Seeds Consulting. She is also the author of Growing Butterfly Wings, a book on applying positive psychology principles during a lengthy recovery. Her passion is to develop people-centred organisations where people thrive and achieve their potential in the workplace. You can find Kerstin on LinkedIn, Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook.

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