Assessments and Diagnostics

Our validated and cost-effective online assessments allow you to track your current and future progress simply and easily. 

Accurately Measure Your Return on Investment

The foundation of any effective business practice is being able to accurately monitor and evaluate the impact of the changes you make. 4Seeds understands the importance of accurately measuring your return on investment. With our scientifically valid and rigorous diagnostic tools you can find out what is working in your organisation and which areas need to be addressed. 

4Seeds is a people-focused consulting company that supports the development of skills for employees and managers that create sustainable and powerful results. We know that time is money and that what companies need are solutions that are quick and effective. However, without accurate knowledge about what is needed, a lot of time and effort is wasted on interventions that don’t address the core issues. Our assessments are accessible and simple, providing accurate insights into what in your employees, teams, leadership or systems is preventing you from reaching your optimal performance.

4Seeds Assessments Provide Measurable Results that:

Our Organisation-Based Assessments and Diagnostic Tools

iOpener People and Performance Questionnaire (iPPQ)

The iPPQ is an individual, confidential, online assessment which takes 20 minutes to complete. Results are collated by the iOpener Institute and 4Seeds and can be interpreted for individual, team and organisational results. The iPPQ helps individuals, teams and organisations to understand themselves at work, by analysing what adds to and what subtracts from their performance at work. The individualised and global reports provide insight into what the common hindrances and enablers of performance are, and highlight the key target areas for improvement.

Human Capital and Well-being (HOW) Questionnaire

The HOW is an online questionnaire that takes 20 minutes to complete. Results are collated for individual and organisational insight into what is working and how to build better organisations. The HOW assesses how the workplace and people’s well-being collectively fuse to build positive, virtuous, and sustainable organisations. The HOW combines two concepts: the organisation’s strategic framework of “What”, and the human element of “How”.       

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To learn about your organisation and gain valuable insights into what is and what isn’t serving you, get in touch with one of our expert consultants.