Positive Organisation Starter Kit

A four-hour workshop introducing the how and why of positive organisations.

What is the Positive Organisation Starter Kit?

Our Starter Kit is designed to offer a quick and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of Positive Organisational practices.

This four-hour workshop introduces organisations to a comprehensive starter kit of information, tools and practices.
A small investment to start building the bridge between individual flourishing and organisational thriving.

The Foundation Philosophy

This interactive workshop is based on PERMA; a model which was developed by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. We have extended this foundation to include other key concepts present in the most recent Positive Organisation research. Our acronym is PREPARE which stands for:

What is a Positive Organisation?

Positive organisations are categorised by a culture aligned with the unique vision and consolidated values of the organisation. They focus on what makes the working environment positive and empowering for employees, and support their potential for engagement. 

A part of shifting from the traditional profit-focused working environment, is the concept of Positive Organisational Scholarship. This is about taking a curious approach towards innovation and performance, and finding opportunities to inspire employees which is the key to building passion, energy and excellence into the workplace.

Outcomes of the Positive Organisation Starter Kit 

The objective of the Positive Organisation Starter Kit is to introduce the idea that happiness is a necessary part of any organisation’s success. When employees are happy they cope better with setbacks, are more collaborative in times of stress, and maintain their motivation and purpose in the face of constant change.

Focused on raising awareness about health, employee engagement, motivation and relationships at work, this workshop aims to assist organisations to take the first step towards a stronger, more progressive organisation. These are the outcomes of the workshop:

Are you working in a positive organisation? 

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Positive Organisation Starter Kit Details

Every organisation big or small. The half-day programme is for every organisation that:

  • Acknowledges that the old way of doing things is no longer working, but can’t pinpoint how to change it
  • Is ready to embrace positive change
  • Feels that their team is stuck and not operating at its best potential
  • Wants to align themselves to becoming people-focused profitable businesses

If you want to make a positive change, this Positive Organisation Starter Kit is ideal for you.

The Positive Organisation Starter Kit is a half-day interactive workshop that can be held in-house or at another location by arrangement. 

The team size can vary from a small group of four up to 50 people. All we need is four uninterrupted hours, a clean and quiet space for the training, and a team that is willing to start making positive workplace changes.

We are so passionate about building positive organisations that we have made the Positive Starter Kit affordable for all organisations, whether you are an NGO or Corporate, any small to medium size business will benefit from our powerful intensive course. 

The workshop price includes:

  • 4 hours of expert coaching and facilitation
  • An introduction to the Positive Organisations philosophy including key theories, the latest research and an accessible process that has proven effective. 
  • A comprehensive tool kit of practical solutions ready to implement in your workplace 
  • An interactive and fun environment which guarantees learning and engagement
  • A self-reflective and team-building style workshop with assessments, activities, presentation and play. 



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