Positive Team Building Interventions

Unique and engaging team building workshops with a lasting impact.

What is the Positive Team Building Programme?

A bespoke team building intervention that identifies and develops positive organisational characteristics which lead to exceptional leadership, individual performance and thriving organisational success.

This progressive, totally bespoke workshop series of four to eight sessions aims at uniting your people’s strengths and competencies with their innate desire to perform, learn and contribute at work. The workshop series assists people to succeed in their work by finding fulfilment, providing excellent customer service by engaging their innate desire to help, and contributing and creating beneficial collaborative connections which lead to team and business success.


The Positive Team Building Programme assists organisations to set themselves apart from their competitors by prioritising engagement, motivation, innovation and commitment to organisational vision.

Benefits of the Positive Team Building Interventions

Teams are made up of individuals who each have their own beliefs, perspectives and values which need to be understood, harnessed and enabled for the system as a whole to benefit.

Here are the key benefits of positive team building:

It’s important to understand that teams are living eco-systems; not mindless machines that function monotonously at their ideal peak perfection.

Key Signs that You Need a Positive Team Building Intervention 

Teamwork is a well-meant concept that should lead to greater productivity and performance where we can leverage off each other’s ideas, experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, this is not how many teams function. Whether it is poor communication, lack of diversity and inclusion or power politics, teamwork often turns into a nightmare to manage.

Dysfunctional teams have a physical, psychological and emotional impact on the individuals involved, and this impact will become apparent in their work engagement, commitment and performance. A team that is not functioning well together can be felt and seen by people within and outside the team. The energy feels uncomfortable, tense and heavy, and leaders spend their days micro-managing and mediating conflict situations, which is draining on time, resources and efficiency. 

Various theories and models have been developed around team performance, which can be overwhelming for a leader who wants to build an effective team. Based on years of corporate experience, 4Seeds has identified these key signs of dysfunctional teams:


Team Signs of a Dysfunctional Team
  • Poor Communication
  • Mistrust
  • Duplicated tasks
  • Increased Mistakes
  • Poor Accountability
  • Increased Silo Effect
  • Poor Collaboration
  • Unresolved Conflicts
Personal Signs of a Dysfunctional Team
  • Lack of trust
  • Disengagement
  • High levels of unnamed stress
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Withholding information
  • Blaming or shaming colleagues
  • Lack of desire to collaborate
  • Low levels of commitment
  • Corridor talk and gossiping

Is your team in trouble? 

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Topics for Positive Team Building

4Seeds has developed 13 interactive workshops to address common organisational challenges from a Positive Organisation perspective.

You can choose your bespoke combination based on the needs of your organisation, or alternatively you can book a professional assessment where we will test and consolidate your most prominent needs and design your intervention package accordingly. 

Our 13 Positive Team Building Workshops are:

Positive Team Building Intervention Details 

The Positive Team Building Programme is best suited for organisations who want to proactively step into the realm of leading by example, and who inspire and delight their customers and people.

Every size and type of organisation who is ready to proactively engage in a positive culture shift is suitable for the Positive Team Building Programme.

To receive the utmost benefit from the Positive Team Building Programme, the suggested team size should be between six and fifteen people. Thereafter, groups need to be sub-divided to ensure that detailed attention and learning can be achieved by each participant.

From the list of 13 topics, you can choose between 4-8 sessions depending on your needs. Alternatively, we conduct a robust assessment with your team and make the selection for you.

You can also add on additional topics, its YOUR program!

Each topic is covered in a half-day workshop at your premises or at a 4Seeds selected venue and consists of knowledge sections, self-awareness building and practical exercises and tools to equip your organisation with the necessary skill development to feel comfortable to apply their learnings outside of the workshop.


We are zealous to spread happiness and well-being into organisations that our pricing is palatable to any organisation. Below are the pricing options, either with or without the assessment, as well as for our special non-for-profit offers.

The pricing is per person per Positive Team Building Workshop:


Make Positive Change in your team 

“4Seeds is the backup that every manager cannot be without with great mentoring skills.”

Kerstin has provided tools to assist me to improve my relationships with more assertiveness and amazingly. I have become comfortable with change and taking people to task where needed without compromising work or my own ethics.

M Maartens, Deltamune