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A unique combination of personal and professional learning and development opportunities

We are a proudly South African Positive Psychology learning and development provider

The best way to invest money in your company- is to invest in your people. When you have engaged employees who are being developed towards their potential, you gain a committed, motivated and productive workforce.

4Seeds believes that soft skills are not the “fluffy stuff”; in fact they provide the framework for your working ethos. We believe that individuals who are self-reflective, driven towards their personal goals, and have self-awareness, are the people that drive positive workplaces. Our range of short courses are available for companies and are open to the public. Our unique approach to learning and development includes:

  • Rigorous assessments
  • Self-reflection
  • Awareness building
  • Accountability and goal setting
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Research-based practical methods to improve personal and professional potential

Effective organisations are built from developing the awareness, strengths, and competencies of the individuals involved so they can positively impact the performance of their team and the organisation as a whole. 

4Seeds Corporate Courses and Workshops 

The Meaningful Leadership Development Programme

The Meaningful Leadership Development Programme is a two-day course designed to empower new or evolving leaders to be the best they can be, by developing the necessary personal attributes to positively influence and lead others. Designed to combine the latest in leadership and positive organisational research and practice, it is the perfect antidote to new leader fatigue. Our aim to empower the potential of your leaders to develop themselves as well as their people.

Candid Leadership Conversations

In leadership there is no test run. All decisions and actions need to be rapid and right, or they could have drastic consequences. Candid Leadership Conversations is a monthly two-hour online group which provides the perfect space to brainstorm, vent and strategise your biggest challenges. Within this coaching style space, leaders can navigate their challenges, build their skills, and define their strategy within the supportive environment of expert coaches and fellow 21st century leaders.



Crafting Your Team Happiness 

Crafting Your Happiness is an interactive workplace course that aims to stimulate your teams’ thoughts, and offer practical skills which can shift unhelpful thinking patterns, actions and beliefs. It is held over four half days, and builds on the principles of Positive Psychology, the evidence-based approach aimed at enhancing human happiness.

Applied Positive Psychology Masterclasses

These monthly masterclasses are aimed at anyone who is interested in personal and professional development. Comprising of one-hour interactive online lectures, our Applied Positive Psychology Masterclasses aim to make the latest scientific practices accessible and applicable to your daily life. Whether you are looking for happiness and/or to stay motivated at work, these masterclasses are the perfect antidote to managing life’s constant challenges.


Mindfulness at Work

Our Mindfulness at Work Course is an eight-part series designed to reduce stress, improve concentration, and boost productivity, all while assisting your people to become more relaxed, mentally healthy, and happier at work. Based on the work of the Positive Psychology Programme, this course has had groundbreaking results for individuals, teams, organisations, and leaders. 

“During the different topics discussed, 4Seeds garnered an accurate understanding of my team through listening, intuition and asking questions that challenged us.”

I highly recommend the 4Seeds team for any team that is seeking focus and clarity to achieve success. 

Quintin Wait, Production Manager, Deltamune

Education is the best tool

you can use to better yourself

and the world!

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