Crafting Your Team Happiness

Build the fundamental resources needed to develop a happy team

Organisational Success Starts with the Individual

The organisation is a machine which is only as functional and productive as each of its members. 4Seeds recognises the value of each individual which assists in reaching the global objectives of the organisation. If there is dysfunction or dissatisfaction for one individual, it affects the collective morale of the team, and in turn affects the overall output of the organisation.


Things happen in the workplace which make it difficult to always be upbeat and optimistic. Work situations wear us down and that is why your team needs tools to help them manage their well-being and happiness.

Organisations are comprised of teams, each of which is a collection of specifically skilled, unique individuals with their own respective strengths, goals and levels of happiness. Acknowledging this system is the first part of in taking on the principles of Crafting Your Team Happiness.


The Importance of Crafting Your Team Happiness 

There are endless positive benefits to raising your team’s happiness levels. It’s just like building and strengthening a muscle- it will need plenty of patience, practice, discipline and self-love. Integrating the regular practices into your team’s daily working environment will result in personal as well as professional happiness mastery –  science has proved it!


The Science Behind Crafting Your Team Happiness

The Crafting Your Happiness course has been designed from the Science of Applied Positive Psychology, and is aimed at assisting employers to understand what it takes for their employees to be happy, healthy and fulfilled in the workplace.

This science looks at the human being holistically, which means that our Crafting Your Happiness course builds resources on an emotional, psychological, physical and social level for each individual, creating a more resilient, collaborative and innovative team. The important aspect to remember is that building your team’s happiness muscle will grow their overall well-being which is a win-win siuation for the individual, the team, and the organisation.

Happiness is our birthright, regardless of our age, race, gender, background or socioeconomic circumstances, but few of us know how to actually attain it.

Approximately 38% of individuals suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological illness which leaves a staggering 62% of people languishing living in their comfort zone and not achieving their full potential.

While languishing is not necessarily “bad”, it does limit our potential for greatness, something that is the underlying intention of all organisations’ visions. However, without an investment in the happiness of the individual and the practical elements that will influence organisational commitment, improve productivity and increase work satisfaction, there is little chance of an organisation reaching its full potential. 

A commitment to the happiness of your teams, is a low-risk, high-reward investment with long-term, cost-effective and sustainable rewards.  


Are you happy at work? 

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Crafting Your Team Happiness Details

The Crafting Your Happiness course is best suited for a small team of four to 15 people at a time.

The course runs over four half days, either hosted weekly or every second week. We do not recommend four consecutive half days as the course requires the participants to have time in between sessions to integrate and apply their learnings.


“The tools offered in this workshop can be so easily applied to your everyday life. This course is invaluable, and I recommend it to everyone.”

We can all use more happiness, in our lives, especially happiness we have crafted ourselves. 

Debbie Gregory, Founder of Zen Accounting