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Meaningful Leadership Development Programme

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What is the Meaningful Leadership Development Programme? 

The 4Seeds Meaningful Leadership Development Programme is the first management development programme in South Africa that is designed for newly appointed leaders who have the innate desire to bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

More often than not, leaders are promoted into a leadership role having never been adequately groomed for it. A manager will be earmarked for potential leadership growth based on their technical skills, however they haven’t received the necessary leadership skills to be successful in this new position. 

After the typical three-month “honeymoon phase”, the newly appointed leader discovers that being technically brilliant and being an inspirational leader are two completely different and often non-transferable competencies. Sadly, the common outcome of this scenario is that these unskilled leaders rule by command, control, power, fear and autocracy. This leaves their teams unhappy, dysfunctional and disengaged while the executive team is left disappointed. These leaders are overwhelmed with the situation but feel embarrassed to admit their limitations and so they continue the cycle of incompetence and learning while doing – a costly, lengthy and often painful process for all involved!

The Meaningful Leadership Development Programme, can assist newly promoted leaders to develop the skills which would otherwise take months or years to develop. Using Applied Positive Psychology principles and the latest in Positive Organisational Psychology, this comprehensive Leadership Development Programme focuses extensively on the hard side of the “leadership soft skills” which are frequently undervalued and disregarded. 

Our Meaningful Leadership Development Programme is tailored to prevent overwhelm and dissatisfaction, and to reduce the costs associated with the trial and error approach.  


Organisations are desperate for well-skilled managers and leaders who are comfortable with hard skills as well as soft ones. Our Meaningful Leadership Development Programme prepares leaders for the future and offers a supportive learning environment to empower skills development.

Our Meaningful Leadership Development Programme does this through the following:


A great leader is one who is able to notice their behaviours and learn how to be a better role model to others. 

Strengths Focus

A great leader is one who knows their strengths and empowers those around him/her to make the most of theirs. 

Resilience Building

In today’s world, a great leader is one who can bounce back from setbacks and persevere after failure. 

Leadership Style

We all have unique skills and strengths. Learning how to harness them for leadership is key to building a meaningful leader. 

Group Discussion

Expert coaching and a group learning focus are essential to get burning questions answered, and to prevent common mishaps. 

Development Plan

Our leadership development plan allows participants to build practical and meaningful development goals. 

How ready is your organisation for meaningful change? 

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Work Has Changed, How Can Leaders Keep Up? 

The old industrial era model of command and control, treating people like mechanical machines and taking orders, is archaic and outdated. We have moved into a new playing field, which needs new leadership methods, styles and thinking.

The reason doesn’t really matter, but what does, is that this modernised business model has found some organisations lagging behind. Leaders are faced with challenges that previously didn’t exist, which requires them to be well-equipped, resilient, self-reflective and adaptive problem solvers.

Leaders and organisations are faced with a balancing act of doing more with less, not to mention embracing additional aspects of:

  • A more challenging economic environment
  • Employee engagement
  • Socio-economic matters
  • Social media influence
  • Government regulations
  • Ethical values

We also cannot forget that the current group entering the workplace are demanding more flexibility, collaboration, meaning and purpose, well-being, fulfilment, adaptive learning, job satisfaction and happiness from their jobs, which makes the responsibility of the organisation even greater. 

We can see that for 21st century leaders the game has changed entirely. And if organisations want to remain relevant and “desirable”, upgrading their leadership competencies is a professional investment that cannot be lost.


Why is 4Seeds Your Leadership Development Partner? 

First and foremost, 4Seeds is a strong advocate for fun learning. At no stage is the fun element intended to be embarrassing, belittling or childish. In fact, research shows the powerful impact of learning through playful and engaging activities. When one is relaxed, open-minded and curious, one is more capable of learning new concepts and integrating them into their life.

We pride ourselves in structuring our training to combine this fun approach with rich, impactful content and simple, practical applications. Our modules follow the upward-spiral concept of the Action Learning Cycle:

Meaningful Leadership Development Programme Details

Through experience we have witnessed many leaders being promoted based on their technical mastery and skill but once in the new position they receive little assistance. The Meaningful Leader Development Programme is aimed to support leaders and managers who:  

  • Have been earmarked for a future leadership position.
  • Have been appointed into their new leadership role and require support.
  • Are currently not getting the optimal results from their team.
  • Want to refresh their leadership soft skills competencies.
  • Are undergoing succession planning mentoring.

The Meaningful Leadership Development Programme will provide detailed but practical and easy to apply tools that will empower you to become the leader that you are born to be. The programme covers the following topics:


  • Understanding the leader you want to become.
  • Learning about your unique leadership style. 
  • The difference between managing and leading.
  • Characteristics of a meaningful leader. 
  • How to transform power politics. 
  • Learn about your unique character strengths.
  • How to spot strengths in others.
  • Job crafting for individual strengths in a team.
  • How to ideally balance trust and control within your team.
  • How to develop a growth mindset.
  • Learning strategies to build your leadership resilience and stamina.
  • Meaningful leadership goal setting.


The Meaningful Leader Programme can be rolled-out in your organisation at your premises with your selected leaders or the ear-marked leaders. Alternatively, open Meaningful Leader Programme workshops are held every quarter in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


4Seeds has a track record of outstanding results with people who have invested in themselves and have progressed to new levels of personal and professional success. 

Become a meaningful leader with a positive impact!

Not sure if this right for you? Our expert consultants are just a click away. 

“The toolbox our leaders received allowed them to understand themselves and their teams better, increase the level of communication and motivate to achieve desired outcomes.  They developed their own style of leadership and learned to assess, understand and manage others.”

We strongly recommend Kerstin and the 4Seeds team to any business looking to achieve strategic goals through the development of its human capital.

Beverly John-Gomes, Weco