Candid Leadership Conversations 

A monthly online leadership group coaching platform

A monthly online forum for new and experienced leaders to perfect their skills and share their challenges within a supportive group coaching platform. 

Often, leaders are promoted without the necessary leadership training, so they have to figure it out as they go along. It’s inevitable that they will feel overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated with the challenge of managing their team and their tasks without the adequate leadership skills. Self-doubt and a lack of confidence will be next. Performance, productivity and morale will drop, which will place further pressure on the leader.


We know that leadership can be a lonely and difficult road where it is easy to stumble, fall or fail everywhere.

Most leaders don’t have the luxury of incubating their learning, and as a result go through a trial by fire process where errors can have costly and lengthy consequences for everyone involved.

It is our desire to create a safe and supportive learning, coaching, and sharing environment for new and experienced leaders to find solutions to common problems and to develop a confidential community to share concerns and challenges.

    Next Session:

    2 October 2019


    First Wednesday of every month. Join from anywhere via Zoom. 19:30-20:00pm

    Who Is This Group For?

    – Are you looking for new solutions to old problems?

    – Are you overwhelmed with the pressures and changes in your workplace?

    – Are you looking to build your leadership capacity with an objective accountability partner? 

    Leadership is a lonely road. If you are a new or experienced leader you can benefit from this group. 

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Single Ad hoc Session    R449

    4 Session Package          R1 700

    8 Session Package          R3 200

    Where Is The Course Held?

    Online. Via Zoom.

    Link will be sent on registration.

    Who Will Be Facilitating The Course?


    Kerstin’s life philosophy is that with curiosity and an open mind, all human beings can aspire to flourish, be successful, and find happiness in their lives.

    With an impressive repertoire of academic qualifications, and accreditations which include Bachelor in Economics and Masters in Positive Psychology. She is also an ICF accredited coach and trainer with a qualification in Happiness @ Work. Her current professional aspiration is to obtain her PhD in Organisational Psychology.

    Kerstin an ever-avid student, powerful executive coach and passion facilitator. The combination of her expertise and enthusiasm are bound to set you on the right path to becoming a Meaningful Leader.


    Stephanie is a Holistic Positive Workplace Practitioner. With years of education ranging from Occupational Therapy to yoga and NLP. Stephanie is an enthusiastic facilitator with a passion for building peoples potential.

    Her experience ranges from adult education, systemic change management, yoga, mindfulness and mental health initiatives. Stephanie uses a unique combination of NLP, Positive Psychology, Clean Language, Mindfulness and Yoga to build positive workplaces based on quality, communication and skills development.

    Stephanie facilitates powerful insights and embodied skills development, a juicy combination for ensuring lasting change.

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