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Positive Organisations

An emerging systematic approach to sustainable business practices with a positive impact.

It is Time for the Positive Organisation

Organisations have become the primary environment to which people want to bring their authentic selves, and perform at their highest level. In other words being able to express themselves, be productive and fulfilled. People are no longer staying with companies that do not support their growth and satisfaction.

Building positive organisations isn’t a fad or trend that will go away. It’s what modern employees are demanding and want to experience at work. A positive organisation offers a work environment that challenges them and assists them to grow, but equally allows them to be authentic, explorative and to have fun.

The pressure is on for organisations to start prioritising their employees’ needs, values and strengths, which will help them grow and develop. People are no longer required to tolerate dissatisfying work conditions, and as the market becomes more competitive, staff turnover is more common than ever. 

The key differentiator between a standard organisation and a positive organisation is the focus on employee well-being and happiness. It is a blended two-way approach that benefits the individual and the organisation.

The trajectory with building positive organisations is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a bespoke process that is very much dependent on the stage the organisation and team is at. Shifting into a positive organisation requires a mindset and culture change throughout the entire organisation.

Key Components of a Positive Organisation

A positive organisation is one which thrives and where the people flourish; a win-win situation for both. Organisations achieve their strategic goals that are in alignment with their financial long-term mission, and staff are empowered to grow and thrive in their work in terms of their tasks and outcomes. 

A positive organisation is comprised of the follow key components:

    Strengths-Based Approach

    Recognising and applying a strengths-based approach when recruiting, retaining, motivating and growing its people.

    Strive for Work-Life Balance

    Leadership’s mindfulness towards the well-being and work-life balance of its people.



    Consistent Feedback

    Acknowledging efforts and providing constructive, specific feedback on a regular basis.


    Celebrating Good Work

    Recognising even the small accomplishments which are made serving the global organisational outcomes. 

    Positive Relationships

    Prioritising the development of trusting and positive relationships across the organisation. 



    Emotional Intelligence

    Comfortable to manage and express emotions and encourage the same in employees.




    Allow employees to craft their tasks and make their own decisions in alignment with their role and competencies.


    Mentoring Culture

    Ongoing mentoring and coaching from the leader, and a strong peer support and review structure.



    Culture of Kindness

    Designing and living a kind, respectful and humble culture.

    Embracing Diversity

    Appreciating team diversity and thinking for innovation and growth. 

    Meaning and Purpose

    Establishing meaning and purpose in work tasks and in the greater service of the organisation and society. 

    Real-Time Feedback

    Providing consistent and real-time feedback with respect and transparency. 

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    Benefits of Becoming a Positive Organisation

    The benefits to embrace a positive organisation approach are immense and align with an organisation’s ultimate objectives:

      Becoming a positive organisation starts with you!

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