The first four months of 2017 have galloped passed us, and we are fast approaching the second half of the year. At the start of the year, we set out with good intentions and goals we wanted to achieve by the end of the year. Well, this is your personal quarterly review!

Sit back and reflect on the areas where you’ve made progress as well as the ones you haven’t. Maybe some goals were nice-to-haves, but didn’t mean enough to us to get going with them? Let’s drop those or tweak them a bit. There are other goals that you may have fully accomplished; give yourself a high-five for them. Some goals may still be in the making. Use the reflection to determine what is going well and how you can maintain it. Let go of any judgement that doesn’t add any value besides making you feel guilty. You still have time to realign or get into action.

As much as we might be focusing our goals to improve or avoid some habits that we have adopted which no longer serve us, we should also focus on goals that grow and develop us as human beings. These are goals that add to our overall level of happiness and well-being. Here are nine questions to ponder on.

  1. What do you want to accomplish in 2017 that will make the year different?
  2. What professional skill do you want to hone in on?
  3. Whose support do you need to keep you going?
  4. What is capping your energy?
  5. How can you think about these energy-zappers differently?
  6. Which relationship do you want to improve and strengthen?
  7. What makes you happy and how can you add more joy to your life?
  8. How can you simplify your life?
  9. How can you express kindness and gratitude in your life?

We get so absorbed in our daily lives that we put off these questions and areas of well-being. We’ll do them on a day when life is quieter, calmer and when we feel rested. That day is unlikely to come! You need to make a choice about whether you want to slow life down a bit, or to think about the questions and then to concentrate on areas that matter to you.

It is entirely in your control to adjust and make changes in your life. Raise your moments of joy, connect with others and be grateful for all your progress, regardless how big or small.

Enjoy the second quarter of the year!