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We are the most cost-effective accredited provider of Happiness
at Work and Applied Positive
 Psychology in South Africa.


Applied Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the applied scientific study of optimal human functioning and behaviour in individuals, communities and institutions. One of Positive Psychology’s intentions is to generate evidence-based practical interventions that people can learn and apply themselves to enhance their well-being

Happiness at Work

The Happiness at Work model was researched, designed and developed by the iOpener Institute for People and Performance in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2008. It instils a mind-set which enables people to maximise performance and achieve their optimal potential. 


We only offer services that are

Our Services

Through our intensive coaching, courses and team interventions, we are the ideal learning and development partner for any small to medium-sized business looking to maximise its most precious resource, its people.

“Keep your competitive edge by making your workplace a desirable environment for your staff, building a committed workforce, and a positive organisation.”

Positive Team Workshops

A series of full-day workshops where you create your own bespoke team building programme designed around your team’s specific needs.

Happiness At Work

A comprehensive 12-step programme with measurable results for any organisation ready to create a positive culture change.

Meaningful Leadership Programme

A two-day intensive skills development workshop with optional ongoing monthly group coaching sessions. A range of interactive learning opportunities which provide practical tools and resources for professional and personal development with a positive impact.

Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Our ICF-accredited coaching packages range from four to six sessions depending on your needs. Receive guidance, have accountability to reach your goals, and use a monitoring partner to support you to reach your potential.

Your Return on Investment

Partnering with us is an investment in your organisation’s bottom line.

Whether you’re looking for a culture change, or to maximise your people’s performance, we offer the perfect antidote. Our effective and sustainable programmes will help your organisation realise the following outcomes:


    • 36% increase in employee job satisfaction
    • 46% improvement in overcoming challenges
    • 24% more pride and trust in the organisation
    • 21% increase in using one’s strengths at work
    • 34% more trust in leadership

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