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Modern employees want to learn and grow all the time. They want to do this in an agile way, and need to feel empowered to choose what they learn, when they learn, and how much they learn. The 4Seeds Academy gives them the opportunity to learn and grow on the go. No more sitting in a training room for an entire day. Our training style has been overhauled, and we offer fun-filled, on-demand eLearning.

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The 4Seeds Academy is an eLearning portal where employees can learn on the go. We offer a range of short modules and topics that you can work through when you want to, and at your own pace. Modules can also be customised to your organisation and team’s needs on special request.

Modules vary from intermediate of two weeks, to advanced of eight weeks. They are tailored for the employee, the leader, and the executive. Each module comprises of a combination of theory, because we always need to understand the why, the benefit, and how to apply it. We use fun-filled tools such as videos, quizzes, reflections, animation, and games to assist you to integrate the learning.

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There are six main benefits for using 4Seeds’ eLearning courses:

  • Your team can learn at their own convenience. There are large savings on the loss of working time, productivity, or venue hire.
  • Employees can learn at their own speed, and reread or practice an activity.
  • Modules are designed for visual, kinaesthetic, and audible learners.
  • Reports are provided to leaders on their team’s progress.
  • The number of employees who can register is unlimited.
  • All employees can experience the same training at exactly the same time.

Administration: Easy and fast registration and management of the module. Sign up today, and within 60 minutes your team can get going.

Mobile-friendly access: Employees can learn using their phones, tablets or computers.

Secure-private platform: 100% uptime. All member information is secure, data protected and confidential.

Environmentally friendly: Decrease in paper printing, travel and venue consumables.

Organisation-wide solution: All employees learn the same content at the same time. This drives faster change of behaviour, habits, and culture.

Training consistency: All employees experience the same training, modules, workbooks, and quality.

365-day access: Employees can learn 24/7 all year round.

Global learning: Employees from different countries and time zones can learn with their colleagues.

Cost-effective training: There is a significant cost saving of time, venue hire, travel, catering, printing, and facilitator fees. The cost is not calculated per head.

The Return on Investment comparison

We understand that you might feel sceptical about eLearning, and that you may prefer in-person training. eLearning is the ideal solution to balance return on investment, and maximise employee efficiency.

Let’s demonstrate this through an example:

Request for traditional training of 20 employees for four hours (half-day training). Your estimated costs would be:

Catering for 20 people (R450 per head) R9 000
Course development R15 000
Trainer’s facilitation cost R10 000
Travel and printing costs R7 000
Venue hire R5 000
A total of R46 000

With a learning management system and eLearning, this training can be completed in half a day, with cost savings as follows:

Learning Management System (LMS) monthly subscription (20 users & R175 pm) R3 500
Course development R15 000
Trainer cost R0
Equipment R0
A total of R18 500

Just this small change in the process can save you

R27 500, or 59,78%.

Monthly subscriptions are employee number based.

1 – 20 employees @R175     |     21-50 employees @R150     |     51-100 employees @R120

101 to above rate is negotiable.

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Wait. There’s more!

Besides the eLearning courses, the 4Seeds Academy offers practical tools, cards, games, and guidelines for leaders and managers to motivate, empower, and inspire their teams.

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