Happiness At Work

A 12-step programme proven
to transform your culture at work

Invest in your people. Invest in your bottom line.

Organisations want to be profitable, and competitive while staying afloat in the ever-fluctuating market. Employees yearn to work in a harmonious environment where they can contribute, grow and flourish.

Everything revolves around our work, more than it ever has before. Our financial freedom, our relationships, our time, and our quality of life. And contrary to popular belief, every organisation’s success and sustainability is built on the foundation of its people. Therefore staff well-being should play a pivotal role in the organisational framework.

To be fulfilled by work is no longer a nice to have- it has become vital, in order to remain relevant in today’s competitive economic conditions. 

Work is where we spend two-thirds of our time, and so there is an inherent need to be satisfied, engaged and well … happy at work. Because happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees translate into happy customers. 

Therefore making employee well-being a priority in your organisation will have direct financial returns on your business’s bottom line.

So rather than focusing on fixing conflict, absenteeism, turnover and motivation when problems arise, bring employee well-being to the forefront of your organisation’s strategic priority list. Your people are not a problem to be handled by HR, but rather the most powerful resource your company has for greatness.

Let 4Seeds be the bridge builder that unites your people and your profits into a winning formula.

Allow us, the experts, to create an ideal company culture and facilitate team and organisational change which nurtures an engaged workforce and a booming bottom line.

Let 4Seeds partner with you to:

The Cost of Unhappiness at Work

If you’re finding the Happiness at Work approach too optimistic and unrealistic, then let’s reverse it and ask what the cost is of having unhappy people in the workplace.

The visible tell-tell signs that people are unhappy in their workplace are:

  • High absenteeism rates
  • Poor time spent on tasks
  • Toxic atmosphere
  • Low innovation
  • Lack of confidence and morale
  • Unmotivated to meet deadlines
  • Unwillingness to assist others
  • Low employee retention strategy 

An unhappy middle-management employee costs a company on average between R30 000 and R55 000 per year!

We find that a shockingly high price to pay, especially if we consider that if there is one unhappy employee there are likely to be more. 

Happiness in the workplace translates into increased productivity, customer satisfaction, team performance, staff happiness and overall company success, and in this economy who doesn’t need more stability and commitment from their staff? 

Happiness At Work Programme

4Seeds understands the complexity of people and business. Our Happiness At Work Programme offers a bespoke personal service with a professional and caring team of coaches.

We give leaders a simple, practical, and scientifically tested tool, and the ability to focus on what works, while at the same time improving what doesn’t. We ensure buy-in and roll-out at all levels, and can apply our work to any size of division or team.

We help individuals, teams and companies to improve their happiness and their performance in the workplace.
We are serious about people, and apply proven approaches that assess, analyse and shift behaviour. The best part is that we will demonstrate a return on investment during and after the process.

Here are our 12 steps proven to shift your company culture:

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