Meaningful Leadership

Development Programme

Empowering leaders to make a positive impact.

The Meaningful Leadership Development Programme is the first positive psychology based 
management programme in South Africa that is designed for newly appointed leaders 
who have the innate desire to bring out the best in themselves and their team.

Most leaders do not have the luxury of incubating their learning, and as a result go through a trial by fire process where errors can have costly and lengthy consequences for everyone involved.

Organisations are desperate for well-skilled managers and leaders who are comfortable with hard skills as well as soft ones. Our Meaningful Leadership Development Programme prepares leaders for the future and offers a supportive learning environment to empower skills development.

The Leadership Journey

We know leadership can be a lonely and difficult road where it is easy to stumble, fall or fail everywhere. 

Our Meaningful Leadership Development Programme is tailored to prevent overwhelm and dissatisfaction, and to reduce the costs associated with the trial and error approach.  


The Time for Meaningful Leadership is Upon Us

The old industrial era model of command and control, treating people like mechanical machines and taking orders, is archaic and outdated. We have moved into a new playing field, which needs new leadership methods, styles and thinking.

The reason doesn’t really matter, but what does, is that this modernised business model has found some organisations lagging behind. Leaders are faced with challenges that previously didn’t exist, which requires them to be well-equipped, resilient, self-reflective and adaptive problem solvers.

Current Global Challenges

    • More challenging economic climate
    • Millennial versus baby boomer generational gap
    • Social media influence
    • The increasing role of technology
    • Changing government regulations
    • Teams are more diverse, distant and digital

    What People Want 

      • To experience engagement at work
      • To know they are contributing to a bigger picture
      • Role clarity while using their strengths
      • Validation and recognition
      • A sense of meaning and purpose from work 
      • Flexibility and autonomy with time and tasks

      What Meaningful Leadership Brings

        • Self-reflection and self-leadership skills 
        • Practical approaches to build resilience
        • Ability to identify and use team strengths 
        • Understanding of key leadership concepts
        • A solid toolkit of resources to boost work satisfaction and prevent overwhelm
        • Personalised coaching and mentorship 

        The Meaningful Leadership Programme

        It is our desire to create safe and supportive learning, coaching and sharing environments for new and experienced leaders to find solutions to common problems and to develop a confidential community to share concerns and challenges associated with the rocky road of leadership.

        Our passion is to provide comprehensive and effective leadership development through our two programmes:

        Meaningful Leadership Intensive 

        Designed for newly appointed leaders in need of up-skilling. This two-day intensive skills development workshop includes:
        • Developing individual leadership voice
        • The difference between managing and leading
        • Characteristics of a meaningful leader
        • How to transform power, control
        • How to build trust
        • Learn strengths-based leadership 
        • Job crafting for individual strengths
        • How to develop a growth mindset
        • Strategies to build resilience and stamina
        • Personal leadership development plan

        Become a meaningful leader with a positive impact!