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Everything revolves around our work, more than it has ever done before. Our financial freedom, our relationships, our time, and our quality of life. And, contrary to popular belief, every organisation’s success and sustainability is built on the foundation of its teams, productivity, well-being, mental health, and fulfilment.

Employee and teams well-being and mental health should play a pivotal role in an organisation’s culture and business model. Until recently, work and happiness had no connection and seldom appeared in the same sentence. Research has now shown that there’s a range of benefits for teams to be happy, and experience well-being and mental health in their workplace.

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The cost of underperformance at work

Contrary to common belief people need to be happy at work first before they can be performing and productive.
If you’re finding the happiness at work approach too optimistic and unrealistic, let’s reverse it and look at the cost of having unhappy people.

Here are some visible tell-tell signs that people are unhappy in their workplace:

  • High absenteeism rates

  • Poor time spent on tasks

  • Toxic atmosphere

  • Low innovation and creativity

  • Lack of confidence

  • Low team morale

  • Employee disengagement

  • Dissatisfied customers

  • High rate of mistakes and accidents

  • Visible conflict and poor communication

  • Unmotivated to meet deadlines

  • Unwillingness to assist others

  • Low employee retention strategy

An unhappy middle-management employee costs an organisation on average between R30 000 and R55 000 a year! We find that a shockingly high price to pay, especially if we consider that if there’s one unhappy employee, there are likely to be more.

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Culture Change Programme

Being happy at work is a proven scientific concept that supports organisations and motivates people to be performing It instils a mindset that enables people to maximise performance and achieve their optimal potential. Our Culture Change Programme offers a bespoke personal service with a professional and caring team of coaches and facilitators.

We give leaders a simple, practical, and scientifically-tested tool, and the ability to focus on what works, while at the same time improving what doesn’t. We ensure buy-in and roll-out at all levels, and we can apply our work to any size of division or team.

We help employees, teams, and organisations to improve their well-being, mental health, and performance levels in the hybrid workplace. We are serious about people and apply proven approaches that assess, analyse, and shift behaviour. The best part is that we will demonstrate a return on investment during and after the process.

How does the Culture Change Programme work?