We develop leaders to make a positive impact

We wholeheartedly agree with Henry Mintzberg’s statement: “No job is more vital to our society than that of a leader. It’s the leader who determines whether our social institutions serve us well, or whether they squander our talents and resources.”

Leaders play a significant role in the success of an organisation and the well-being of their team members. Today’s leaders are faced with challenges that previously didn’t exist, and this requires them to be well-equipped, resilient, self-reflective, and adaptive problem solvers. Uncertain times and exceptional circumstances call for leaders to make quick decisions that instil a human-centric leadership style. The old pre-pandemic way of leading is no longer possible, and needs to be replaced with a new “normal”. In the new normal, leaders play a fundamental role in ensuring employee well-being and organisational financial sustainability.

Global challenges leaders face

  1. Chaos and uncertain business circumstances
  2. Call for new business models
  3. Rapid technological change
  4. Global instability
  5. Political unpredictability
  6. Financial pressure
  7. Most employees don’t cope with stress
  8. Teams are more diverse, distant, and digital

What employees want is to

  1. Experience engagement and happiness at work
  2. Know that they’re contributing to a bigger picture
  3. Use their strengths
  4. Receive validation and recognition often
  5. Derive meaning and purpose from work
  6. Have flexibility and autonomy with time and tasks
  7. Feel included in the change process

6 things the leadership workshop will deliver

  1. Latest leadership know-how
  2. Practical tools and activities
  3. Relevant case studies
  4. Assessments
  5. Self-reflection on growth and development
  6. Personalised coaching and mentorship

4Seeds creates a safe and supportive learning, coaching, and sharing environment for newly-appointed and experienced leaders to grow and develop their leadership skills.

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