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We wholeheartedly agree with Henry Mintzberg’s statement: “No job is more vital to our society than that of a leader. It’s the leader who determines whether our social institutions serve us well, or whether they squander our talents and resources.”

Leaders play a significant role in the success of an organisation and the well-being of their team members. Today’s leaders are faced with challenges that previously didn’t exist, and this requires them to be well-equipped, resilient, self-reflective, and adaptive problem solvers. Uncertain times and exceptional circumstances call for leaders to make quick decisions that instil a human-centric leadership style. The old pre-pandemic way of leading is no longer possible, and needs to be replaced with a new “normal”. In the new normal, leaders play a fundamental role in ensuring employee well-being and organisational financial sustainability.

Global challenges leaders face

  1. Chaos and uncertain business circumstances
  2. Call for new business models
  3. Rapid technological change
  4. Global instability
  5. Political unpredictability
  6. Financial pressure
  7. Most employees don’t cope with stress
  8. Teams are more diverse, distant, and digital

What employees want is to

  1. Experience engagement and happiness at work
  2. Know that they’re contributing to a bigger picture
  3. Use their strengths
  4. Receive validation and recognition often
  5. Derive meaning and purpose from work
  6. Have flexibility and autonomy with time and tasks
  7. Feel included in the change process

6 things the leadership workshop will deliver

  1. Latest leadership know-how
  2. Practical tools and activities
  3. Relevant case studies
  4. Assessments
  5. Self-reflection on growth and development
  6. Personalised coaching and mentorship

4Seeds creates a safe and supportive learning, coaching, and sharing environment for newly-appointed and experienced leaders to grow and develop their leadership skills.

Our Meaningful Leadership workshop is best suited for newly-appointed managers and leaders who are looking to transform their skills to the new hybrid way of leading. Organisations are desperate for highly-skilled and effective managers and leaders, but don’t find the time to train, develop, and coach leaders in their new roles. The result is that the newly-appointed leaders go through a painful trial and error process, where they don’t positively connect with their team, struggle to delegate, and are torn between letting go of their technical competencies and leading people. This results in a dramatic drop in performance, confidence, and morale.

The Meaningful Leadership workshop is a personal and professional investment to learn how to lead yourself as well as others. In it, you’ll get information and practical tools to engage with your teams. Learning from leaders in other organisations and industries makes the workshop relevant to your hybrid and virtual working environment. Besides, sharing with others ensures that learning is applied in a fun and safe space.

The online workshop is spread out over two months, with weekly two-hour sessions. The workshop can be hosted in-house for two full days on request.

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Technology and other advancements have made the world change at a very rapid pace. Leaders need to stay abreast of the continuous evolvement of the environment, society, the economy, and business trends, with little guidance and support from past leadership theories. What worked in the past will certainly not work in the 21st century. An entirely new mindset that is purposeful, focused, goal-directed, and people-oriented is necessary. Leadership is regarded as a soft skill, but it’s one of the most sought-after competencies which organisations are searching for.

Many leaders are overwhelmed, perhaps even out of their depth in the new hybrid working environment. Our Positive Hybrid Leadership workshop teaches soft skills, and provides leaders with the opportunity to become more effective in their leadership role. The workshop teaches them to be comfortable to embrace change, introduce new and fresh ideas, and lead their team positively through transformation. Leaders are encouraged to learn an entirely new caring and human-centred leadership language. This is critical, because 70% of the current workforce are not coping in the hybrid working environment.

The Positive Hybrid Leadership workshop is both a personal and professional investment to learn how to lead yourself as well as others in a hybrid working environment. We use a seven-step process that is customarily applied in critical thinking to expand your hybrid leadership skills.

The intense online workshop is spread out over six months, with bi-weekly two-hour training sessions covering six hybrid working environment topics:

  1. Fast and efficient communication
  2. Empathy and compassion
  3. Connecting with and leading virtual teams
  4. Measuring virtual outcomes
  5. Vucability (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)
  6. Employee well-being and happiness

The workshop can be hosted in-house for a team on request.

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