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Teams are living eco-systems, not mindless machines that function monotonously at their ideal peak perfection. Organisations are rapidly changing their business models, and shifting into a hybrid working environment. This means that teams are becoming more diverse, digital, and dynamic.

Our bespoke Positive Team workshops develop positive organisational characteristics by uniting your staff’s strengths and competencies with their innate desire to perform and contribute at work.

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4Seeds has developed many interactive online and in-house workshops to address common challenges organisations are facing, regardless their size or industry sector. Whether it’s improving team morale, embracing team diversity, managing conflict, or understanding different personalities, let’s partner together to support your organisation’s effectiveness to:

  • Achieve

  • Learn
  • Thrive
  • Connect
  • Succeed

Our workshops create awareness, foster learning, and provide a safe space for practical integration. They are available either online in a two-day session of two-and-half hours, or as half and full-day in-house trainings.

Our Positive Team workshops

This introduction workshop provides insight into the science of Positive Psychology: Imparting the cornerstone of human well-being and flourishing. Common themes are: resilience, goal-setting, motivation, strengths, hope, optimism, social support, meaning, emotional agility, and engagement.


In this workshop, we shift the focus from what is wrong to what is strong, become aware of our unique strengths, and understand that these strengths enable us to achieve our potential. Strengths come easily to us, are effortless to apply, and energise us, which means that they naturally raise our level of performance and well-being. Strengths give us the power to operate from our best possible self.

Most organisations aspire to have engaged and motivated employees. Sadly, very few employees are. Statistics show that a mere 35% of people are engaged in their tasks. Most people work to earn a living and don’t love their work or workplace. This spills over into low engagement and motivation. The result is a lack of enthusiasm, job satisfaction, fulfilment, going the extra mile, volunteering, and working to the best of our ability.

Setting goals and actioning them is not always the easiest thing to do. We often know what we want to achieve, but less about how to get it done. We may start something and then run out of motivation along the way. This leads to our goals becoming unfulfilled dreams. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Resilience has become the new buzzword in the workplace, and is an important learned behaviour in managing daily stress. Enhancing our resilience levels is not a nice-to-have, but rather a must-have that helps us cope better; manage unforeseen situations; buffer against depression, anxiety, and burnout; and increase our career advancement.

It’s a well-known fact that we are social creatures who require social connection and interaction. Unfortunately, as much as we need it, we’re seldom good at it, particularly in the workplace. We don’t always get along with our colleagues, like them, or want to work with them, and this can mean a strained working environment and difficult relationships. A toxic work culture leaves us emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and exhausted.

Emotional agility and well-being are the third most sought-after leadership skills. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the one main skill that separates an inspiring leader from the rest. However, most of us are not comfortable to show and express our emotions at work, believing that there’s no place for them there. This thought is misleading, because humans use emotions to be successful, productive, and to attain goals.

We all want to know that the work we do impacts another person’s life. It’s important to know that our tasks have a bigger purpose, and are not a mundane activity that we have to do. Meaning focuses on what matters to us, what we value, and where we find purpose. Our work meaning influences our performance, connections, client satisfaction, productivity, task endurance, adaptability to situations, and job satisfaction. If we lose meaning in our work, we develop a negative attitude and behaviour, which impacts everyone around us.

We all want to operate at our best and unlock our true potential. Sadly, few of us know what being at our best looks and feels like. As outsiders, we might have seen others operating at this level, and perhaps wondered how they got there – with the desire to follow suit.

Mental health and well-being has become the primary focal point in organisations. However, many leaders don’t see it as their responsibility, are not adequately equipped, or don’t feel confident to have conversations with their team to support them with their mental well-being. We coach these leaders and provide a framework that gives them the confidence to manage their team’s well-being.

How will these workshops assist your team to experience a higher sense of happiness and performance at work?

Through the Positive Team workshops, your team will be empowered on three levels:


– feeling they are in control of their work tasks will impact on trust, self-confidence, and interpersonal relationships.


– drives our well-being, which has an automatic knock-on effect on your achievement and accomplishment ratio.


– being able to see and invest time and energy in the bigger picture.

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