We know that people have a fundamental right to be happy in life which obviously includes being happy at work. As a company we might have actively looked to understand what makes people happy at work by rolling out programs, training plans and team building events but we need to know if these are successful. Do they make our people happier and in turn productive, satisfied and engaged?

Often we don’t know unless we ask.

When asking for feedback from people we need to determine how we go about obtaining this. We want to receive valuable feedback that allows us to measure what is working well and what isn’t. We want to hear about concerns and turn them into opportunities. We want the truth because only then can we explore and make the decisions that build our employees’ well-being. So how do we ensure that our staff are encouraged to participate in giving feedback and that it is their truth? I’ve listed some ideas on how to do that.

  1. Communicate Share your intent with your people. Explain why the survey is being conducted and what you aim to do with the feedback. This needs to be communicated a few times to ensure that they understand.
  2. Address concerns People might have concerns about sharing or even participating. Address any questions or concerns that are raised. Don’t ignore or take a short-cut here. Make sure that people are comfortable and aware of how the entire process will be run by explaining each step in detail.
  3. Anonymous Protect people’s identity and confidentiality by making the survey anonymous. You want their true feelings and ideas and for that you need to protect them from being victimised.
  4. Share the outcome Once the survey has been completed and the results collated share the overall results with everybody. Discuss areas of concern and equally highlight aspects which are going well. Assist people to interpret the results and answer any questions they might have.
  5. Way forward plan The last point is to think about the way forward. The survey data provides many opportunities to improve on areas that make people happier. In the data lies the golden nugget!

When did you really test what you staff’s well-being is like? You can make use of your HR division or an external consultant to drive this for you.