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Executive Coaching

L Rijntjes, FNB

I just want to say that our sessions have been very impeccable in my life and have helped me come out of my shell. This year was a brilliant year for me and I reflected on the conversations we had and re-organised my life. It made me to turn the lemon into lemonade and moved from trying to unscramble eggs to a point in my life where I had an inner drive and focus. I couldn’t even attempt to tell you the inner stir and shift and wisdom that have come with that.

You have been a great inspiration in my life and hope that you continue to inspire others as you have me. You are an icon!

R Leibowitz, Owitz Communications

It has been a privilege to work with Kerstin Jatho at 4Seeds as my business coach. We have embarked on a journey of growth, challenging my thought process while ensuring we stick to the plan.

Besides Kerstin and the 4Seeds team’s professionalism, I have always felt safe, valued and my expectations were exceeded.

I can definitely see the remarkable impact Kerstin’s guidance, support and sincere care have had on my career and future plans. Leading people on this journey of exploration and sound decision making is not Kerstin’s job, but rather her passion and purpose. She takes my success seriously and celebrates my accomplishments with me.

Happiness @ Work

M Reddy, Castrol BP

I have been fortunate to have the privilege of being coached and working with 4seeds in support of “Happiness at work” and my experience thus far has been very encouraging, enlightening and helpful.

Not only have I had insights into myself and time for self-reflections, the coaching sessions has presented a platform for me and my team to review current ways of working, behaviors and how we move forward.

The step by step and systematic approach has presented a different dimension of thinking and is slowly yielding results.

This is a journey and we as a team are collectively working to bring harmony, happiness & positive direction to the team.

Dr. A Germishuizen

We have now come to the end of our Happiness @ Work sessions. However, looking back at the past 7 months, I can clearly see the positive changes in myself and the leadership team. I have certainly gained some valuable insights which developed me on a personal and professional level, and the positive impacts on both these levels are already evident.

Thank you for the valuable tools and techniques you showed us, for the new perspectives and insights, and for all the effort you put into the process. Your enthusiasm and positive approach made the journey, which at times seemed quite difficult, even more memorable and worthwhile.

Dr. H Swart, Deltamune

A big thank you to you too – I could see how our team became more aware of the “fussy stuff” around people issues. I think the next learning/growing path would be work on interpersonal relationships and communication skills. So often I have to sort out things where it is more about how things are said/ not said. Most of us are not the best natural communicators!

Meaningful Leader

M Maartens, Deltamune

I have only the greatest of recommendation for Kerstin’s work ethics and coaching skills that is a profound reflection of her amazing positive personality. The positive psychology approach has influenced me for the past 19 months and the change in not only my leadership style but also influence on my relationships at work and home is phenomenal.

Kerstin has provided me with tools to assist me to improve my relationships with more assertiveness and amazingly, I have become comfortable with change and taking people to task where needed without compromising work or my own ethics. While she gives clear direction, she also enables through practical hands on visual presentations that I use while daily mentoring my own teams at work. She offers on line assistance at any given time and prompts with positive websites and mind changing insights. On line questioners to determine weakness and strengths and personality traits are part of her coaching.

She is the backup that every manager cannot be without with great mentoring skills.

CJ van Aardt, Weco

One of things I battled with most was understanding others and that means understanding my Team. The Meaningful Leadership development program really developed me by getting to know myself and enabling me to lead others. You are so right when you said “We can only lead others if we know ourselves.”

I now feel confident to lead my team with authenticity, having a positive impact on the team and thus definitely adding much more value to the company.

Another point the leadership program did was develop my ability to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. It has helped me nurture my strengths and overcome my weaknesses, whilst being aware of new opportunities on the horizon. The program has had a massive positive impact on my own personal growth and development.

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