The 4Seeds Approach (Old)

Sustainable, effective and innovative solutions to 21st century organisational problems. 

Our Methodology

4Seeds is the only coaching and training provider in South Africa that combines the two scientific methodologies of Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work. This combination allows us to pay special attention to employee happiness, motivation and engagement.


4Seeds believes in an abundant, prosperous workplace, combining people, profits, and happiness into one in a holistic approach. We inspire organisations to plant, grow, nurture and harvest high-performance people, teams and shareholders by optimising the level of happiness in the workplace.


Our Four Seeds for Positive Organisational Change

It’s in our name. At 4Seeds we know that change takes time, which is why we support the process from strategic conception to monitoring and evaluation. These four seeds represent the following process for positive organisational change: 


We identify problems, diagnose needs, and prepare your organisation’s readiness for change. 


We empower your organisation with the skills and accountability practices needed to grow towards success. 


We become a partner to your success and challenges, coaching you through the process of successful change. 


We assess the change, co-create your next steps, and celebrate your successes. 

The Science that Supports Our Interventions 

Our mission is to make the science that supports Positive Organisations accessible and applicable to the leaders and teams that are driving the South African economy. These are our key methodologies:

Applied Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the applied scientific study of optimal human functioning and behaviour in individuals, communities and institutions. Psychology and Positive Psychology are both human social sciences that have the same fundamental purpose, but tackle it from different sides. One of Positive Psychology’s intentions is to generate evidence-based practical interventions that people can learn and apply themselves to enhance their well-being.


Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work is a proven concept that supports organisations in driving their strategic goals and growth plans with productive, performing and motivated people. It instils a mind-set which enables people to maximise performance and achieve their optimal potential. The Happiness at Work model was researched, designed and developed by the iOpener Institute for People and Performance in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2008. 


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Why 4Seeds is your Ideal Learning and Development Partner

Ultimately, organisations want to be profitable, competitive and sustainable in the ever-fluctuating market, while employees yearn to flourish and be happy in the workplace. 4Seeds is the bridge builder that unites two often opposing elements into a winning formula.

Happy employees are productive employees, and that translates into good business outcomes. We understand that organisations are hesitant to accept the notion that emotions have a place in the workplace, but employees are human beings who want to bring their head, hands and heart to work. Allow us to create an ideal, positive and flourishing organisational culture and facilitate team and organisational change which nurtures an engaged workforce.

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We were coached in a gentle, but persuasive manner and we were given practical tools and exercises that helped us to know ourselves better.

“You taught us how to use our strengths, while at the same time gain a variety of skills to help us deal with the stress and maange people to get the best out of them.”

Dionne Rauff, Northern Area Manager, Deltamune